a black FBI agent inadvertently arrested? The intoxicant after George Floyd’s death

A video purported to show a false arrest by a black FBI agent by police went viral in the wake of protests for justice for George Floyd’s death. But the man does not belong to the famous federal agency, and the video is old.As a protest movement, the United States discovers the following The death of George Floyd, a black American, when arrested by the Minneapolis White Police on May 25, a video of another arrest of a black man went viral since June 1.

He seems to calmly smoke a cigarette when he is arrested by two police officers – later along with three others – who end up in handcuffs. The arrested man keeps repeating to the police that they are wrong about the person: “You assume I am someone I am not”. After finally checking the contents of his wallet, the police release him and then appear to have realized his mistake.

Publications that forward this video, viewed millions of times, claim to add a sharp detail to this scene: the police were actually “stumbled upon an FBI agent” and would have realized it when he discovered “his agent card.” even concludes that it was this status that would have “saved” him, even though the FBI is not mentioned in the video itself.

But when we go back to the first publications of this video it is possible to find the oldest ones. It was shared on Facebook on May 30, 2020 by a user who presents himself as a friend of the man who was arrested. When publishing this article, he had not responded to requests from the editors of Observateurs de France 24. However, the legend does not ever make any reference to any FBI membership. However, it is specified that the scene takes place in the city of Rochester, in the same state of Minnesota where Minneapolis is located. Above all, the author of the post indicates that he “waited a year” before sharing the video, suggesting that it was the context linked to the death of Georges Floyd that caused him to do so.

Rochester police confirmed to the Reuters news agency that “contrary to rumors, the individual was not an FBI agent” and that he had been found “during his brief arrest (…) that he was not the one the police officers had held for a mandate.” The police also said the scene owned room on June 1, 2019.