Ligue 1 – Caïazzo answers Aulas regarding the appeal against the state

Jean-Michel Aulas said the Ligue 1 clubs were considering an appeal against the state. Bernard Caïazzo opposed it on Thursday.

The word cacophony is de rigueur in recent weeks in French football. Since the Prime Minister’s speech announced the final cessation of Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 this season, French football players have long been torn apart and defended their positions and interests. In recent days, the trend seemed to be improving, as many presidents were moving in the direction of Jean-Michel Aulas, which indicated that the league should have waited longer before making their decision, but the leaders of French football have already reiterated their cross.

Aulas to request the resumption of Ligue 1 “in court”

Invited to RMC’s After Foot, Jean-Michel Aulas gave an update on the situation for French football on Wednesday, indicating that Ligue 1 clubs were considering the possibility of appealing the state for compensation due to the lack of end of the Ligue 1 season: “From the moment it is the state that ordered the scheme to stop the championship, the state’s responsibility is committed and we must go and demand EUR 800 million in probable deficit for the current year”.

“Premier League is currently working on a plan to revive professional football”

The government has not yet commented on the statement by the president of Olympique Lyonnais, no one even knows if he intends to do so, but the first reaction came from one of the presidents of Ligue 1. Assumed in the same camp that Jean-Michel Aulas, Bernard Caïazzo, chairman of the Premier League League, opposing words like the president of Olympique Lyonnais and favors a dialogue with the authorities.

Ligue 1 – Eyraud discussed with Macron to stop the championship?

“As President of the Premier League, I am surprised by the comments from the recent hours by Jean-Michel Aulas, according to which our organization is preparing to regress against the state after the contests have been decided by Prime Minister Edouard Philippe on Tuesday, April 28 . It is not our intention at all to initiate this type of procedure. “, the president of AS Saint-Etienne explained in a press release.

“As we announced a few days ago with the Union of Professional Football Clubs, the Premier League is currently working on a plan to revive professional football, deprived of revenue for five months. As soon as possible, it will be studied in collaboration with the public authorities that have helped, since the beginning of the health crisis, in all areas affected by disasters, only this strategy takes up all our energy and all our minds, facing the economic recovery of our activity and the resumption of sporting championships 2020-2021“, added Bernard Caïazzo.