Roxana Maracineanu denies lobbying to end the season

The Sports Minister has heard rumors of a lobbying by some club presidents with the head of state to end the season.

Lobbying with some presidents in clubs Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 with the head of state and government to stop the season? Rumors have continued to swell in recent hours.

State of State will decide next week on L1

Roxana Maracineanu categorically denied these rumors. Passes by the microphone in the chain The team This Thursday, the Minister of Sports first received hearings about Lyon, Amiens and Toulouse hearings before the Cabinet.

“Justice will do its job today. All decisions were made in collegiality. We discussed with the authorities and it was the authorities that made the decisions themselves. Our recommendations were a more general framework for all sectors of society to have a single compass, which was the preservation of the health of our citizens. And athletes are among our citizens. They are not fair animals. Even when they are paid millions, we will not put them on a plot when there is a risk to the rest of society, ”she said.

Have French football leaders lobbied for the championship to be stopped by the president and the authorities? The Minister rejects all these allegations:

“There is no lobbying activity that has been done. You can imagine that neither the President of the Republic, nor the Prime Minister, or myself as Minister, can give in to this type of lobbying, if he does not, I assure you.”