State of State will decide next week on L1

The interest of elite clubs gave the government a few days to decide whether or not to start the championship.

Those who were not happy with the verdict announced by LFP had only this opportunity to hope to change things, and they have therefore come to shoot the last card. For more than three hours on Thursday, they were able to defend their positions and give their arguments to try to restart the season or even change the final rankings.

The clubs in question are the Olympics, Amiens and Toulouse. They have all been heard and the preferred scenario is during the white season. For the relegated teams, and in the event that their previous request was unsuccessful, a request has also been made for the next Ligue 1 practice to be held at 22 clubs. Thus, they will avoid the descent to the lower floor.

Aulas still believes that

The Supreme Court gives itself a few days to decide. After the meeting, Betrand DaCosta, the interim judge for the Cabinet, said the verdict will be released next Monday or Tuesday.

Already on Wednesday, Lyon President Jean-Michel Aulas said he still hoped to see the 2019/2020 championship resume. “This is what we will ask the court tomorrow,” he told RMC. The Cabinet will have to judge the resumption and the way to stop (…) I had a meeting this afternoon with Nasser Al-Khelaïfi and ECA, the Association of European Clubs and the advanced procedure of UEFA is the one we could follow today: resume training now and matches after 3 or 4 weeks. “