The NBA records its return to the courts on July 31

The NBA stimulus plan has been validated by almost unanimous franchises in the North American Basketball Championship. It validates holding the playoffs to 22 teams and a kick-off on July 31, behind closed doors, at the site of the Disney World theme park.

The NBA revival is activated. North American franchise agreements voted Thursday, June 4, for the season to resume, suspended since March 11 due to coronavirus, from July 31, with matches played behind closed doors at Disney World in Florida.

The plan submitted by league team Adam Silver, with 22 teams, required green light from three-quarters of the owners of the thirty clubs. It has been approved by 29 of them, says ESPN, one of the largest basketball companies in the United States.

According to The Athletic, only the owner of the Portland Trail voted the Blazers, but still affected by this plan. On Friday, the Players’ Union (NBPA), which expressed its desire to play this summer in an opinion poll by its authority, should in turn approve this plan.

The final in October?

The NBA has not yet officially communicated after this crucial milestone for the season’s resumption, which Silver has set for July 31, four and a half months after the positive test on Covid-19 by French pivot Rudy Gobert (Utah Jazz), which forced him to pause the championship. According to ESPN, the epilogue is scheduled for October 12 at the latest if the final is to be played in seven games.

All meetings will take place at Disney World in Orlando, where the team will concentrate on the huge “ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex” site, which specifically has a 5,000-seat hall, HP Field House, and several hotels.

Extended playoffs

On the sports side, the 22 teams involved are the first eight at each conference on the evening of March 11: Milwaukee, Toronto, Boston, Miami, Indiana, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Orlando to East / Lakers, Clippers, Denver, Utah, Oklahoma City, Houston, Dallas, Memphis in the West. In addition to the six clubs that are six wins or less from 8th place in each conference, namely New Orleans, Phoenix, Portland, Sacramento, San Antonio in the west, and only Washington in the east.

This plan, which de facto excludes the eight worst-ranked clubs in the championship, all conferences combined, will therefore mark the end of the season for Charlotte, Chicago, New York, Detroit, Atlanta, Cleveland, Minnesota and Golden State.

With AFP