a French-French “transfer window” open from June 8

The Professional Football League authorized a transfer market to be held between French clubs from June 8 to allow the clubs to be able to balance their accounts before the end of the fiscal year, June 30. And at the sports level to be able to prepare a little more for the upcoming season.

It is a “mini-transfer window” that can bring new life to French football. The transfer market between clubs in France will open on Monday, June 8, the Professional Football League (LFP) announced, suspended from Fifa regarding the international transfer window shaken by the coronavirus pandemic.

“A forthcoming board will fix the opening of the international period and the eventual closing of the market in the light of Fifa’s decisions and the discussions that are ongoing with the other European leagues,” LFP explained in a press release.

Then adapt yourself to the European market

The latter hopes to have the opportunity to cut the transfer window in two parts in order to first validate the French-French transactions and then adapt to the European market, where most championships resume their season, we detailed. from sources close to the thing.

Several executives had spoken for the organization of a French-French transfer window in June, before the accounts were closed on June 30.

The idea was to “allow clubs that have the buying and selling of players to be able to perform them in relation to their resumption of training to be more effective”, explained Bernard Caïazzo a few days ago, the president of the main league “Premier League”. “But it is obvious that we will not distort dates in relation to the four major championships. The goal is to finish when they finish themselves, that is, at the end of September.” .

With AFP