According to a minister, Juan Guaido is in the French embassy in Caracas

Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza says Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido is in the French embassy in Caracas.

Three days ago, President Nicolas Maduro suggested that Venezuelan opposition leader JuanGuaidos had been “hidden” in a diplomatic representation. Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza said on Friday that the political opponent is at the French embassy in Caracas. “We cannot enter an embassy in any country, in this case Spain or France, and ensure justice [les] positive stop. It’s not possible. inside the French embassy.

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“A deeply irregular situation”

“We hope these governments will change […]and deliver those who want to escape Venezuelan justice, “the minister added.

Arreazaa lamented a “deeply irregular situation”. “It’s a shame for Spain’s diplomacy, it’s a shame for France’s diplomacy what happened, and they will pay the price very, very soon,” he said. hammered.

Spain and France are among the fifty countries in the world that recognize Guuaidoc as interim president, rather than Mr. Maduro, elected head of state according to them through serious irregularities.

On Monday, Maduro had suggested that Guuaidop could have “hidden in an embassy. His opponents had denied.” We are lying to you, “he wrote on Twitter, indicating that he was” with the people. “


The Venezuelan government has repeatedly described Guuaidode as “fleeting”, without ever specifying how he would have escaped any arrest warrant.

Diplomatic tensions arose in May between Paris and Caracas over the treatment of the French ambassador, Romain Nadal. Since May 2, Venezuelan police have been permanently guarding the street where he lives, and his home is deprived of water and electricity.

These problems “affect the normal functioning of our diplomatic representation,” according to the French Foreign Ministry.

However, the Embassy continues to report on its operations. On Friday, Nadal posted on Twitter a photo of his meeting with his newly arrived Russian counterpart, Sergei Melik-Bagdasarov.

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