Di Maria does not regret turning his back on Barça

Argentine PSG striker Angel Di Maria talked about his failed transfer to Barcelona. A section he does not seem to regret.

Angel Di Maria is coming to the end of its fifth season at PSG. A great adventure, but one that could have stopped short, because after his second year in the French capital he was nearing the beginning. FC Barcelona then knocked on the door. It didn’t happen. An unsuccessful transfer that El Fideo does not regret it said, even though at that time he was cold with his Ile-de-France officials.

In a long interview with the team, the Argentine international returned in detail to this blaugrana section. “I was very happy in Paris. But the people at the club told me some things, which turned out to be lies in the end. Barça tried to get me. The two clubs discussed but PSG didn’t want to sell me and it ended there. These lies annoyed me a lot but in the end it was not good to leave because I am very happy in Paris ”, he said.

“End my European career in Paris”

Today, the former Merengue has only one year’s contract with the French champions. Many in his place would have worried about their future, especially considering the experiences of Edinson Cavani and Thiago Silva. But this is not his case. He admits he was completely calm for the rest: “(I want to) end my career in Europe with PSG is the only thing I want and have in mind. I am happy here, my family too. As for the rest, I do not know at the moment. No discussions have begun and it is not my intention right now. I want to focus on the field, the rest will come later. “

And the short-term field is the Champions League, with a quarter-final to be played next August if all goes well. Although he already won in 2014, Di Maria admitted that this competition was close to his heart and that he would be very happy to win it with Paris. “It would be wonderful, he admitted. Not just to win the event, but because of the love I have for the club and its ultras. I have a feeling that during the last two seasons I have won the respect of the supporters. Mentally, it changed a lot when I felt that they encouraged me more, that they sang to me. It gave me a lot of strength, I try to thank them for what I do on the field. If I could bring them C1 before I left, it would be perfect to end our story. “

Di Maria loves his relationship with the fans, just as he appreciates life in the changing room and the environment of the club. He says he comes very well with his teammates, not just the offensive stars. “There are not four ‘Fantastic’, there are many more than that. We are four, five, six, seven players that the coach mainly relies on. One kind he will bet more on some, one kind on others but there are a core that he plays most of the time. There you have two undeniable players in each match, Kylian and “Ney”, but they can’t play everything. It makes the coach make everyone feel involved. , that’s normal. But it gave each of us the opportunity to show ourselves, “ finished number 11 in Paris.