Lingard: “Pogba is a complete player is a leader”

Manchester United winger Jesse Lingard praised the qualities and mindset of his team from Paul Pogba in the Red Devils.

Paul Pogba remains one “full player” and one “true leader at Manchester United, no matter what his offenders may think. That’s what his teammate, Jesse Lingard, thinks.

The French international midfielder was tipped to become a real Old Trafford boss after his transfer from Juventus for € 105 million in 2016. While going for the title of world champion with the Blues two years later, Pogba is still slow to confirm the expectations set on him in the club. And that’s what has sparked endless discussions about its form and future, with rumors constantly sending it to Real Madrid and Juventus.

But those who rub with him at the Théâtre des Rêves, however, remain admiring what he is, and are confident in his ability to recover and blow the wrong spiral. Among those who know him best are Jesse Lingard, in particular, who made a breakthrough with him in youth before joining MU’s first team. The English international believes that “La Pioche” is still the most likely to take on the role of head of MU and he sees very few weaknesses in his game.

In an interview with Sky Sports, he said: “I grew up with Paul and when he came for the first time you saw the technical skills he had at such a young age. He won the World Cup and many trophies with Juventus and us. He is the ultimate complete player. He is always positive and He has a good energy from the field. He is humble and one of the best guys you can meet. He is always positive in the dressing room and talks to others when they are tough. You can also see it on the pitch. remove the ball from him because he is so strong. He became the leader and took on this responsibility very well. “