Series A also supports the 5 substitutes

The Italian federation followed FIFA’s recommendations by approving five changes per match for the rest of the season.

Revolution in sight in Serie A. Following the indications from FIFA, which was already adopted in the Bundesliga and in the Premier League, FIGC has agreed that there will be five exchanges per team in each match until the end of the 2019/20 season.

Therefore, the press release from the football association approved five changes, as well as three interruptions during the matches. Just as it is already happening in Germany. All this in addition to the interval between the two times and a fourth interruption that is approved in the event of an extension.

If both teams make a change at the same time during the match, this will be considered an interruption used to change the law.

The new rule, of course, aims to preserve the health of the players and allow more turnover in view of what presents itself as a tour force for Serie A teams, with nine days to go between June 20 and August 2, the day when the 2019/20 fiscal year ends.