The Premier League reveals the recovery plan

The Premier League is expected to resume on June 17 after an interruption introduced by the coronavirus and the schedule has been announced.

The Premier League has published a revised schedule for the resumption of football from 17 June, with the Manchester City – Arsenal match and a Merseyside derby between Everton and Liverpool among the matches to be followed.

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Aston Villa and Sheffield United – who still have ten games to play – will be the first to return to the pitch. City and Arsenal – the other teams have participated in 28 matches so far – will also be in action during the opening night.

José Mourinho will reunite with Manchester United on Thursday, June 19, ahead of a busy weekend where Leicester will travel to Watford in particular.

The full calendar

Wednesday, June 17
18:00 Aston Villa vs. Sheff Utd
20:15 Man City against Arsenal

Friday, June 19th
18:00 Norwich City v Southampton
20:15 Spurs v Man Utd

Saturday, June 20
12:30 Watford v Leicester City
15:00 Brighton against Arsenal
17:30 West Ham v Wolves
19:45 AFC Bournemouth v Crystal Palace

Sunday 21 June
14:00 Newcastle United v Sheff Utd
16:15 Aston Villa vs. Chelsea
19:00 Everton v Liverpool

Monday, June 22
20:00 Man City v Burnley

Tuesday, June 23
18:00 Leicester City v Brighton
08:15 Spurs against West Ham

Wednesday, June 24
18:00 Man Utd – Sheff Utd
18:00 Newcastle United against Aston Villa
18:00 Norwich City v Everton
18:00 Wolves against AFC Bournemouth
20:15 Liverpool vs Crystal Palace

Thursday, June 25
18:00 Burnley v Watford
18:00 Southampton vs. Arsenal
20:15 Chelsea vs Man City

Saturday June 27th
12:30 Aston Villa against Wolves

Sunday 28 June
16:30 Watford v Southampton

Monday, June 29
8:00 am Crystal Palace v Burnley

Tuesday, June 30
20:15 Brighton v Man Utd

Wednesday, July 1st
18:00 Arsenal v Norwich City
18:00 AFC Bournemouth v Newcastle United
18:00 Everton v Leicester City
20:15 West Ham against Chelsea

Thursday, July 2
18:00 Sheff Utd against Spurs
20:15 Man City v Liverpool