Twitter turns off video of Donald Trump following copyright complaint

Twitter has disabled a video in tribute to George Floyd, which was published in the campaign account of US President Donald Trump, citing a copyright complaint.

“We support the rights of peaceful protesters and we hear their calls,” President Trump said. “I stand before you as a friend and ally of all Americans in search of justice and peace.” IN 3’45 video, entitled “Healing, not hat” [Guérir, non haïr], the US President casts his vote on a montage of photos and videos praising George Floyd.

A lyrical video that conveys a message of unity and solidarity when the United States is on fire since the death of this 46-year-old African American who was killed ten days ago during a Minneapolis police operation. A campaign video that plays the card of astonishment after the threat of army deployment around the White House. But a problematic video from a copyright perspective.

The social network Twitter therefore published it. “We are responding to a copyright complaint sent to us by one of the copyright owners or one of their representatives,” said a Twitter representative.

The video was posted on the Donald Trump campaign team’s YouTube channel, where it is still available, and tweeted on Wednesday. The social network, wary of the president’s invective, is closely monitoring the Trump administration’s tweets. Another presidential tweet for “glorification of violence” had already been published.

With Reuters