a large “Black Lives Matter” painted near the White House

The words “Black Lives Matter” were painted in capital letters on Friday on the main thoroughfare that led to the White House in Washington. A way for the Democratic mayor to show his support for anti-racist activists who have been demonstrating for a week against police violence and Donald Trump.

“Blacklivesmatter”, literally “black football counts”, is the slogan chosen by mobilized militants against violence against blacks. It also took place on Friday, June 5, the name of an avenue in Washington.

Following the wave of emotions triggered by the death of George Floyd, dead 25 but under the lap of a Minneapolis white police officer, the Democratic mayor of Washington hired a group of street artists to paint the three words in the front in yellow letters over 200 feet and above street width, central axis leading to the White House.

One way for the mayor of the US capital, MurielBowserde, to show his support for the protesters who have protested for a week against police violence and Donald Trump.

“We have to continue when the color is gone”

The initiative, commissioned by the municipality of Washington, aims to “reopen the streets,” commented AFP Rose Jaffe, one of the artists of the Mural DC collective, while regretting that it is “also a bit of an operation” and to add, ” it will have to continue when the color is gone “and specifically ask that” the police report the accounts “.

“There is a dispute over the jurisdiction of these streets,” which is near the White House, a federal territory, said Mayor JohnFalcicchio’s chief of staff. “The mayor wanted it to be very clear that it is a city street and that it is to honor the protesters who protested peacefully Monday night.”


On Monday, forces protecting the White House violently pushed back protesters gathered north of the White House, under the municipality’s jurisdiction.

The goal was to clear the way for Donald Trump to go to Saint John Church, an emblematic building nearby that had been degraded the previous evening by bows so that he could be photographed, the Bible at hand.

Donald Trump adopted this effort and believed that the authorities should “dominate” the abundance.

But the presence of these reinforcements exacerbates MurielBowser, who asked the Republican president to withdraw these additional federal and military forces, believing that this only vanished the anger of “peaceful” protesters. The local police, says Muriel Bowser, “are well equipped to handle large demonstrations and activities that fall under the” First Amendment “of the Constitution, which guarantees freedom of expression and demonstration.

National Guard

She also condemned the presence of parts of security forces “unidentified” in the city. In addition to the Secret Service, which ensures the protection of the White House, the government specifically called the soldiers of the National Guard in several states as well as the military police, the Federal Police (FBI), the US Anti-Drug Office (DEA), the Border Police (CBP), as well as the National Park Police and the Prison Police.

She is even accused by Republican Utah Senator Mike Lee for ordering 1,200 National Guard soldiers, who depend on the Pentagon, to leave the hotels where they are staying.

The news did not leave Donald Trump indifferent. If the mayor of Washington “does not treat these men and women well, we will call on other groups,” he said. Friday in a tweetand called the mayor “incompetent”.

With AFP