Anelka: “PSG would make a big mistake to be different from Cavani”

Former PSG striker Nicolas Anelka believes the Ile-de-France club must do everything possible to retain the best painter in its history.

Edinson Cavani is just a few weeks away from his PSG lease. Despite his excellent record with the main club and also the record for most goals scored, El Matador is about to leave the club for free. A surprising result that many do not understand. Among those who are surprised by this result is a certain Nicolas Anelka.

“Cavani is a 9 there is no more”

The speech of the former French international is rare. On Saturday he came out of his silence duringa live Instagram with the Parisian fan Sabri to talk about his news, his future plans with a movie that is being broadcast on Netflix, but also to talk about El Matador. He is surprised that the latter was not retained by Ile-de-France officials. “Letting Cavani go would be a very big mistake, he released. It remains a 9 because there is no more. He has a lot of junk, but he makes crazy calls and scores (goals). It will serve you no matter what. “

Anelka, who has had two visits to Paris as a player, believes that even in a replacement role and despite his advanced age (33), Cavani can still be of great help to France’s champions: “In Paris you need competition. He is a good striker that you risk giving up to a competitor because he will necessarily leave to a big club. And when he plays against PSG he will score points safely. And that’s where they are will have great regrets. “

“PSG needs competition in Ligue 1”

While expressing her disagreement with the management’s choices, Anelka said she was still confident about the club’s future. “It’s a fantastic team. With the players they have, they are cut to win the Champions League. They will do it. The only problem is the weak competition found in Ligue 1. Being a champion in France is good, but for to develop at European level they need difficult matches on a regular basis. I hope that Marseille will soon be bought by a wealthy businessman from the bay so that they have a hardship in Ligue 1 “, pointed out natives of Trappes.