End of season on August 3: UEFA contradicts Aulas

It is said that Aleksander Ceferin has sent a letter to the President of Lyon confirming the need to end the season before August 3.

While Jean-Michel Aulas did not despair of seeing the deadline of August 3 to end the championship postponed to allow Ligue 1 to resume, the UEFA president would have answered him to confirm his desire to see the national competitions ended on this date according to information from L’Equipe.

“The proposed deadline of August 3, 2020 for national associations to provide UEFA with the list of clubs that will participate in UEFA club competitions next season, provided they successfully complete the admissions process, has been notified to UEFA’s 55 member associations for several weeks then and have been unanimously validated by the entire Board “he wrote to the Lyon President.

“Therefore, we cannot change it at this stage and we hope that it will be officially confirmed at the Executive Committee meeting on June 17. To ensure equal treatment between the 55 national associations of UEFA, we cannot take into account the specific situation of each country and the decisions of the competent bodies concerned. “

The end of the season, decided by the LFP, has since been challenged by the president of the Rhône-Alpes region. Together with the two delegates, Amiens and Toulouse, the OL was particularly dismissed by the Paris court before taking the Council of Ministers, which must decide ultimately.