Globalization: Reality or Rhetoric?!

Before I jump my elaboration on the topic, let’s us define simply the meaning of globalization. There are enormous definitions, but according to the World Economic Forum (2017) “In simple terms, globalization is the process by which people and goods move easily across borders”. 

Nowadays, the world system is anarchy and is becoming ruthless, relentless, unrepentant and notorious. Because, the world inherently is divided recklessly west and rest. West is patronizing, while rest is bemoaning. 

Plurality is becoming inevitable, ineluctable, inexorable and invincible these days because of the technology, media and the immigration. With all these pushing factors for Globalization, there are also an egregious skepticism against it. For instance, tremendous communities believe that, this is westernization under the camouflage of Globalization. Some others mostly African countries believe that, this is a new colonization mind under the guise of this smart terminology. So, they are cynical to catch up and intermingle with this emerging issue. 

The other side of the coin, Globalization has bunch of advantages including:

Globalization abnegates Myopic behavior: This means, there is a drastic need for interaction among others. Because, Globalization doesn’t come with tabula rasa. 

Promotes and uplifts sharing experiences, knowledge and culture. Because of the Globalization, you may become familiar with others’ cultures, norms and etiquettes and experiences via tacit-knowledge. 

Globalization dares with Tabula rasa, Orwellian rules, bounded rationally and Monolithic. Because, in this age you can’t live alone. There is a badly need for becoming extrovert and cozy community. 

Globalization encourages Immigration. Mohsin Hamid, who is Pakistani in origin and the Author of Four Novels including Moth Smoke, The Reluctant Fundamentalist, How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia, Exit West and Discontent and its Civilizations. As elaborated in his article which was published at National Geographic Magazine in (2019). “In 21st century, we are all migrants”.

He argues that, nearly all people are migrants. And nowadays, migration becomes inevitable. He himself considers as immigrant as far as he spent decades in Lahore, lived also for decades in North America and Europe. And he belatedly, returned to his home where his grandparents and parents once did. So, Globalization wise gives close consideration to the migrants for the sake of interaction among aboriginal (indigenous) and comers. 

Globalization emboldens Red blue hatting: Which means, you share with others your ideas, experience, and in the mean time you accept others to argue their ones. 

Apart from that, Globalization has plenty of disadvantages including:

Globalization exaggerates West, and belittles Rest. If you observe mostly those advocate Globalization are western scholars and leaders in order to overarch the world.

Globalization threatens keeping people’s cultures, religions and values. For instance, Muslim world and African countries have commendable culture. And Globalization encourages and propels to interact with others. So, if interaction paves the way to lose the good culture of that society, then it is horrible and should be chased away.

The cultural difference between West and Muslim world makes me remember the outstanding book of (Clash of Civilization) written by one of the most respected scholars who has deep-rooted influence on America’s foreign policy, Samuel P. Huntington. He argues that, there is conspicuous cultural difference between West and the Muslim world, especially when it comes to the Women; and Abortion issues.  

Additionally, naysayers and prophets of mood believe that, Globalization means becoming Obsequious, Docile, Sheepish, Sycophants, Subservient and Rubber-stampers. Furthermore, pluralism doesn’t mean relativism, and sharing is not caring.

These are not enough to assess the goodness and the badness of Globalization, but it’s some kind of highlighting the pinpoints. Because, globalization is still in the early stages of scientific development and much remains to be learned.

Globalization and the influence of the Groupthink, Oligarchs and Elites!

These aforementioned notorious groups have an influence to the decision making in every country. They run after only their vested-interest regardless the common interest, irrespective rain or shine. According to this book of Victims of Groupthink (1972) by Irving L. Janis argues that, “the group dynamics approach is based on the working assumption that the members of policy-making groups, no matter how mindful they may be of their exalted national status and of their heavy responsibilities, are subjected to the pressures, widely observed in groups of ordinary citizens”.

They always promote spirit de corps of their group. And they believe hugely that, the usual way of trying to counteract the limitations of individuals’ mental functioning, however, is to relegate important decisions to groups. 

So, there is some kind of relationship between these infamous groups and those who advocate Globalization. Because, both of them are trying to control the whole society by preaching phantom unity and flying solo. For instance, look at what is going on in United Kingdom (UK) under BREXIT project.

The withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union under the name of BREXIT was scheduled following a June 2016 (Referendum) in which 51.9% voted to leave UK from EU. In this regard, UK’s government formally announced the country’s withdrawal in March 2017, starting a two-year process that was due to conclude with the UK withdrawing on 29 March 2019. Unfortunately, since UK takes this temerity and hell-bent, two prime ministries have been resigned, namely David Cameroon and Teresa May. And third prime minister, the so-called Boris Johnson is encountering huge grueling from the Labor Party under the leadership of Jeremy Corybin. 

So, the Incumbent Conservative Party lobbies this project, and the UK Common House defeated the government plenty of times and opposed famously this BREXIT project. In this regard, BREXIT team is utterly and completely Groupthink. And what they are advocating is, departing from EU. Which means, they are ruthless for the migrants, and they want to isolate UK from the rest. 

As a result, we can say safely BREXIT advocators are unequivocally defeating Globalization discourse.

Arab Spring and the role of Globalization 

In 2011, the Arab-Spring revolution was witnessed. Bunch of people believe that, West-concocted globalization was part of that demonstrations which led to unseat many Arab dictators including Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Algeria and others. Because, mostly the citizens are gullible, oblivious and clueless.

With that said, Western media had influenced such people, and without checking the media’s cacophony the people of these respected countries started demonstration against the incumbents. Although, colossal of authoritarian regimes who tended bloodsucking of their destitute and gullible societies were get rid of from the power according to the (Wetzel’s Freedom Rising, 2013). Noha Ahmed is a twenty-four a worker at an advertising agency in Cairo, she explains her feelings about the Arab Spring “We are suffering from corruption, oppressing and bad education” according to the (Why Nations Fail).

With all these conspicuous justifications, still many people including me believe that, Arab Spring was not lucrative and fruitful, it was rather temerity and ludicrous which leads bad legacies. Because, if we look and immerse currently the legacy of the Social Movement which ultimately becomes (Revolution), many countries which changed their regimes tended backward-trajectory including Libya and Yemen. While many others are volatile and engaged open-ended war like Syria.

Additionally, some countries like Egypt kept the status quo. Because, when Hosni Mubarak was unseated, and replaced by the first democratically-elected president in Egypt his Excellency Mohamed Morsi, who died because of lack of care, then the military removed him from the power under Coup d’état led by the notorious military in chief and the incumbent president Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi. So, the critical question which many people’s heads is lingering is, what was the essence of Egypt’s demonstration against the military rule in 2011 if still the military is ruling the country? In a nutshell, in my idea, the case of Arab spring was Trojan horse deal driven by groupthink and elites who had surreptitious agenda, and the pads followed and accepted naively. 

Global Civil Society and her role of Globalization. 

According to Waters (1995), Globalization is incrementally obliterating and dismantling the authority of the sovereign states which traditionally have exercised control over actions, events, and person within their borders. Here we can extract f how Global Civil Society (GCS) is stimulating to depart from Nationalism to Pluralism. But, in the meantime, GCS is reckless about losing the sovereignty of the countries.  

On the other hand, many countries including USA is shambling and reluctant creating global governance as longest GCS is remaking and dwindling the Nationalism. USA believes that, it will lose its superiority and patronizing policy on others.

Plenty of scholars including Kaldor (2003) argues that, National Sovereignty is being eroded by GCS. But, the problem is, nothing has been replaced like Global Governance. Because, some of the International Political Organizations such as UN can’t be tantamount to the lost National Sovereignty. And UN herself is lame-duck and has a titular position when it comes to the International Governance. As Kaldor and others argue that, “UN is understood even by its friends to be however noble in original intent, inefficient and weak at best, and venal and lacking in legitimacy at worst”. 

Populists politics (Menace ideology)

As (Kreko) says “Populism is a thin-centered ideology that considers society to be ultimately separated into two homogenous and antagonistic groups, the pure people, and the corrupt elite, and which argues that politics should be an expression of the volente general (general will) of the people. So, populism bifurcates the people. These leaders when they take the power influences this policy. If we look Hungary and Venezuela they do. The main distinction of populism is (Moral). And becoming elite is not whether you have money or not, its (Values). That is why, Trump and Silvio Berlusconi. They are haves, but they are still connected to the have nots because of Moral and Values they share. 

Trump and Berlusconi are amongst the richest people in their countries can still pretend that, they are the voice of the people. Despite their wealthy, they are one of them, they are pure. 

How to talk like a populist leader

All populist doesn’t have the same political-agendas. So, here are the common characteristics they share:

Constantly refer to the “people” such as (This will be the victory for all the people)

Use personal pronouns to connect with your audience like Hugo Chavez in July, 12, 2012 “I AM THE TOWN AND YOU ALL”

Create an “US vs. Them” tension. Nigel Farage, United Kingdom “You’re behaving like mafia. You think we’re a hostage. We’re not. We’re free to go!

Call out the elite. Bernie Sanders, United States “Democracy is not about billionaire buying elections. And we will tell the billionaire class and corporate America that they will start paying their fair share of taxes. Rodrigo Duterte (it’s either the filthy rich, the oligarchs who continue to enjoy the perks in the government. Geert Wilders, The Netherlands, Jan, 21, 2017 (People are sick of the political correctness of the elites, are you sick of it or aren’t you?)

Use metonymy (alternate names) for things you criticize. Viktor Orban (Hungary) march, 15, 2016. (it is forbidden to say Brussels is now stealthily devouring more and more slices of our national sovereignty. 

Highlight how your audience has been victimized. Marine Le Pen, Feb., 5, 2017. (we would be content to do nothing when faced with a system that chains us? That doesn’t work and even worse, its dysfunction ruins us. 

Trump’s speech “We are transferring the power from Washington DC and giving back to you the people. (trump, 2017).

In a nutshell, Populists don’t have any agreed standard, and we can safely say, Populism is amorphous. 

The slain George Floyd by White police man was crystal clear how globalization is vanishing and phantom!

The killing of the 46-years old Black Man George Floyd by the white-police officers was heinous, deplorable, reprehensible, despicable and inhuman. The slain innocent black-man was pronouncing “I can’t breathe” while the police officer was kept kneeling down and pinning down him. The police officer was ruthless, relentless and inimical.

The reaction from the government was worse than the event, they said we sacked the police officers, and later is charged third-degree murder. Look this culture of impunity, lynching, police brutality and naked aggression against the black and the brown communities in America, and how White-elites are patronizing and violating the rules. 

Transnational Organizations, International Movement; and Globalization: Compatible or Contradictory?

Ostensibly, Globalization nowadays becomes inevitable, inexorable, ineluctable and invincible. But, in my view, I believe that Globalization is vague which is leading by Western in order to turbocharge the Rest. That is why, United Nation is shambling and reluctant to be reshaped or reformed. particularly and acutely,

there is an egregious disparity within United Nations’ country members. Only 5 of them have the Veto power which they can vanquish the rest, and others have just ceremonial and titular positions. So, it is self-defeating to me that International Movement, or Transnational Organizations is paralyzing and castigating the domestic powers, while they exaggerate verbally Global Governance. With that said, there is a humongous demand for balancing what we have and what we anticipate.

On the other hand, the Global Civil Society is emphasizing Human rights aspect while they neglect Democracy discourse and this led us into astray. That is why, National Sovereignty is undermined without effective Global Governance which can supersede it. 

I think, the eruption of Nationalistic Populism makes the Global Civil Society lose their heyday. Because, like the notorious president of USA, Trump spreads mostly malicious lies on the Immigrants. Moreover, Trump demonizes always Africans by saying “Bongo bongo Land” and shithole. He also vilifies Hispanic people. So, his Monolithic policy is defeating Global Civil Society’s agenda. Trump’s biggest pet-peeve is, the advocacy of the Global Civil Society towards welcoming the immigrants.

Post-modern Version of Global Civil Society

As we know, Global Civil Society is the transposal of the global ideas. Regrettably, after 9/11, their role was downplayed and shrinked. Because, many countries begun to oppress individual’s rights and movements due to the 9/11 incident in USA. Especially, Muslim Organizations and individuals were targeted particularly under the camouflage of Al-Qaida terrorism act. Though, there are some arguments regarding whether terrorist groups are part of the civil society, but I emphasize and famously say, there is a drastic need for some restrictions on the Global Civil Society. Because, in this contemporary era there is no “Happy-go-lucky”. 

In domestic, and global level, there should be norms, etiquettes and rules should be abided by these organization for an antidote. 

9/11 was the “Game Changer” and “Turning Point”

Since the twin-towers in New York were obliterated by Al-Qaeda, the USA developed a ruthless and relentless policies against the Muslims, regardless whether they support or against the notorious Al-Qaeda network. Indeed, most of the Muslims across the world are against the heinous action of Al-Qaeda network, especially the 9/11 attack.

But, USA and several other western countries demonstrated their reckless decision against the Muslims across the earth who cost close to 2 billion. Since, this temerity was taken, many countries started to intrude and intervene the business of the Global Civil Society, and also the individual’s rights and movements.

And this step of meddling the internal affairs of the Global Civil Society freaked out the civil society, and undermined their businesses. As a result, Global Civil Society’s role is quite vanishing these days because of draconian rules imposed by the states. 

The other side of the coin, according to (Inge Kaul) most of the international, multilateral organizations including Bretton woods institutions were established at a time when most developing countries didn’t get their independence. So, they were not present when the mandates, structures and operational modalities of these organizations were designed and agreed on. having said that, there is an immense need for reviewing the current decision-making processes of these organizations. Additionally, there is also a need to make sure their degrees of publicness. 

Really, here is the hotspot. Because, the countries got the independence after many of these organizations were established are skeptical about the decisions emanate from the so-called international and the multilateral organizations. And that is why, they are reluctant and crawling always to implement and abide by the decisions made by those organizations.  

Moreover, these organizations have the names of public, but if we immerse how they operate, we can understand how few individuals are eligible taking the decisions. 

In a nutshell, though it’s ironic to reach a parity among all the countries and individuals, but still there should be some degrees of fairness and inclusiveness when it comes to these organizations. Otherwise, later or sooner, these organizations will vanish or remain lame-duck. 

Boris Johnson faces stinging attack over derogatory, racist and Islamophobic remarks!

It was 4 September last year, when member of parliament in the House of Commons in UK rebuked the incumbent Prime Minister his Excellence Boris Johnson about his racism and vulgar remarks against Muslims and Sikhs.

The MP says courageously and famously “If I decide to wear a turban, or you decide to wear a cross, or he decides to wear kippah or a skull cap, or she decides to wear hijab or burka, does that mean there is an open season for right honorable members of this house to make derogatory and divisive remarks about our appearance”.

These strong words were witnessed during Prime Minister Question Time in September last year. Additionally, the MP added also that, the ruling party in UK, the so-called (Conservative Party) is ruthless and bully to the immigrants.

And that is why, several times we heard and witnessed how the ruling party under the leadership of PM Boris Johnson is demonizing the SIKH groups by saying to them (Towel-head), and vilifying the Muslim ladies by saying to them (Bank-robbers and letterboxes) (The independent, 2019).

Trump: Twitter in chief and head of hatred!

Since Trump becomes the President of USA, the populist ideology erupts, resurrects and peaked. 

His campaign moto of (America Great Again) is just practically (America White-Again).

He expedites his inimical white-supremacy policy against the rest. He always demonizes the immigrants including Hispanic, Africans by saying (Bongo bongo land), shithole and other divisive and unripe remarks.  

On the other hand, Trump launched his racist campaign against the four congresswomen Reps. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts. These four women, three of them were born in America, and the fourth one is from Somalia (My Country-mate). The populist media labelled them (The Squad). 

Even the blinded supporters of the ruling party in USA, the republicans were shouting (Send her back) against one of the congresswomen. Trump also applies always (Believe or Leave) policy against the Black-Americans, Hispanic and Asian-Americans. And the biggest pet-peeve of Trump is welcoming the immigrants which is a clear bellwether the Trump’s paranoid personality disorder. With all these proves, we can say safely (Globalization) is defeated by Trump. Because, religious bigotry, hatred against Non-White communities, cynicism and Anti-Immigrants policy are against the basic principles of (Globalization). 

Technology and the Media’s influence of the people’s actions

I immersed thoroughly and fastidiously this article (Is the Internet Good or Bad?) Yes. 

The writer of the spectacular story was narrating his experience on (Gezi Park) in Istanbul-Turkey, while he was connecting to several other events which are pertinent to his experience. The writer emphasized the invincible and invisible power of the Internet, especially the Social Media. For instance, Gezi Park protest happened in the heart of the Istanbul city in Turkey in June, 2013.

At the beginning was small protest against unstoppable juggernaut, because the government was using draconian rules like (Tear Gas) against the perpetrators, but later became effective and undeniable demonstration. Though, the incumbent government’s plan was successful under the leadership of Erdogan (AKP), but the government offered ultimately further concessions to the protesters. Moreover, the role of the social media, especially Twitter was burgeoning and becoming conspicuous for the last decades. For instance, the biggest driver of the Arab Spring was social media, and what the author described (Digital-era rebellion).

In 2011, in Tahrir Square-Egypt was witnessed a big fat sit-ins which was organized via Twitter and other social media platforms. Moreover, 15 M Movement in Spain and others like Ukraine were also Social Movements. And this gives the social media the highest credit when it comes to individual’s rights and the dissenting voices. 

The flipside, while I was embarrassed the deep-rooted influence of the Internet, especially the Social Media on the people, I gave a read this piece (Small Change) why the revolution will not be tweeted? This scintillating piece is written by Malcolm Gladwell in 2010. Throughout my reading, I realized that, the Internet, especially Social Media didn’t pioneer the emancipation and the people’s freedom expression, but it re-invented and resurrected the Social Activism.

Because, the writer was narrating another peerless and inimitable event which was taken place in Sixties. It was four-black student who one day went in Cafeteria in order to chill out and hang out. At that time, the racial segregation was peaked. They sat in a Cafeteria and asked the waiter to bring them a coffee. But, the respond was sickening and dumfounded when the waiter says “We don’t serve Negroes”.

The four-young-black freaked out, but they didn’t give up, and they started to protest this heinous and divisive culture. They used to come every day in front of the Cafeteria and sit in. Day by day, many people were joining them including White-people. It became Civil-rights war without Email, Texting, Facebook or Twitter.

Finally, the number of the protestors reached seventy thousand (70,000). So, we can extract here, how the people used to express their feelings even before the invention of Internet, Television, or the current Social Media Platforms. And the most important factors which propelled the people is, Curiosity, Commitment and Resilience. Because, just four people started the protest, and within short-period of time, the number reached apogee and became seventy thousand. 

Still, Twitter and other Social Media Platforms played a pivotal and paramount role for the individual’s freedom of expression. For instance, in Iran, students started protest against their government via Twitter. Without a Twitter, they couldn’t do that. Because, the government’s rule is under iron fist. And the protest via Twitter against the government became lucrative, and finally the government imposed the Internet Corporations to suspend the Websites and the Twitter accounts. 

On the other hand, as the Historian Robert Darnton has mentioned, the Communication Technology in this contemporary era is neglecting and disregarding the history of the past. And I concur with him. Because, the new communication technology is overstating, overblowing and exaggerating the current issues, and at the same period is despising how the people used stick-together and expose their feelings before the eruption of the new technology. And these days there are continental Social Movements against the slain Black-American.

The protest began in one city and unprecedentedly metastasized the world. Because, when everyone watched the Maddening Viral-Video which was circulating in the Social Media, the protestors started spontaneously in order to express their sad feeling over the racial-segregation, the culture of impunity, and victimizing the gullible black-community. The protest’s name is (#BLACKLIVESMATTER). 

The other side of the coin, not only Trump and his Republican Party are bifurcating the people, but also the incumbent party in UK tends the same. PM Boris Johnson says “Letterboxes, Bank robbers” to the Muslim ladies, while Trump repeats “Bongo bongo land, and Shithole” to Africans. So, they share this reprehensible Monolithic culture

Trump’s fallacies are creating monolithic culture

Trump’s fallacies include False Dilemma, Ad Populum, Red herring, Hasty Generalization, Non-sequitur, Straw Man, Ad-hominem, Post-hoc and others. These infamous expressions are the basic tenets of trump’s weird leadership.  He employs always these ballistic words in order to delude the public and cover-up his blatant leadership fiasco. He vilifies and besmirches anyone who has different ideas. 

Let’s see some of these fallacies:

This tweet is Ad-hominem. He is refuting a claim, and he wants to discredit his opponent, that is why he is attacking personally.

. This is called “Straw Man”.  As we can see, Hillary Clinton as she re-tweets his post, she didn’t say this statement. So, Trump is trying to attribute her what she didn’t belong. 

This is called “Hasty Generalization”. Trump is mainstreaming an act which maybe some people tend, but the rest is innocuous. And if someone misbehaves, that doesn’t mean all his/her country mates are doing the same.

This is called “Red herring”. Trump wants to digress the people the real answer of the question asked, and that is why he is misleading and deluding the public.

This is called “Ad Populum”. Trump as a populist leader, he is giving consideration the majority regardless whether they are on the right path or not, and he doesn’t care the rest. 


Trump’s byzantine agenda with protean and panglossian, his schadenfreude which led into sadism. The lynching against the black people, the white’s serendipity after trump’s election. Trump’s braggadocio of America great again which is practically (America White-Again) is lacking of good moral campus. All these are grueling issues. These are not obviated strategy.

The people around the world are flustered Trump’s gerrymandering which seems quisling of the America’s credit. White’s chauvinist and hector ideology is equal the black’s maudlin. We need to bowdlerize the vulgar remarks of the incumbent’s ill-advised words. The vitriolic sentiment, the slur racist against the innocuous black minority is horrendous and vanquishing the aim of the Globalization. Black deserves clemency.

But, the bare and naked aggression which tended by the police is in the most high-handed, brutal and truculent manner. How can you canvass the black for the upcoming Election in US if you are treating like this way? Trump’s j’accuse, divide and conquer is the Nazi’s slogan. And is apolitical and stupidity. 

Equally, I criticize those digressing the aim of the protest and started looting, and demolishing the businesses. Because, you are against a violation, and at the same time you are violating other’s rights. So, there should be (Civic-Education) which explains your rights and limits. Because, freedom isn’t free. If the looting and the violence continue, then it besmirches and discounts the goal of the Social Movement.

In a nutshell, Black becomes “Whipping boy” in America, and we need to dare with care. The cascading protests around the globe for demanding justice, is crystal clear and bellwether how the world is tarmacked injustice. We must deter the disparity. We must abhor the deep-rooted injustice, impunity, lynching against the susceptible people.

The strident, the insatiable desires and the frivolous demands of the White-people is jeopardizing the rest, and we should reject, refute, rebuffed, repudiated and rebuked because it is unfathomable claims, and it makes Globalization phantom and out of lexicon. Dude!

Anwar Abdifatah Bashir (Freelance Journalist, Independent Researcher and Horn of Africa Geopolitics Analyst). The Author is currently undertaking his Fourth Post-graduate study in KOREA at Korea Development Institute (KDI) Master of Global Governance and Political Economy.   Email: