Jair Bolsonaro threatens to get Brazil out of WHO

Jair Bolsonaro announced Friday that he is considering withdrawing Brazil from the World Health Organization (WHO) because of his “ideological bias” in the coronavirus health crisis.

After Donald Trump, it is Brazilian President Jair Bolson’s turn to threaten to leave the World Health Organization (WHO). After the UN agency warned Latin American governments of the risk of lifting containment measures before successfully curbing the spread of the coronavirus epidemic in the region, the Brazilian head of state warned on Friday, June 5 that he could withdraw his country from the WHO to protest its “ideological bias” .

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“I’m telling you here, the United States left the WHO, we’re considering it in the future (…). Either the WHO works without ideological bias, or we leave it as well.” We don’t need outsiders to give their feelings about health here “,” he told reporters in Brasilia.

Return of hydroxychloroquine

Throughout the crown virus crisis, Mr. Bolsonaroa mimicked Trump by minimizing the severity of the disease, urging him to maintain normal activity, and praising the effectiveness of a treatment sharing researcher, hydroxychloroquine.

Given the latter topic, the Brazilian president said he was not surprised that a study in the medical journal The Lancet, which concluded that the treatment was worthless, was strongly questioned and then withdrawn. The withdrawal prompted the WHO to resume clinical trials on the molecule, “Trump took the money from them and they went back on everything,” Bolsonaro said. “Chloroquine is back,” he added.

On Thursday, a new death record set Brazil ahead of Italy in terms of deaths. However, Bolson continues to demand a swift repeal of the ordered isolation measures and says that the economic cost of the epidemic is greater than the health risks.

“A little flu”

In an editorial on the front page of the Sao Paulo newspaper Folha, the daily noted that it has only been 100 days since Bolsonaroa described the virus as “killing a Brazilian by the minute” as “a mild flu”.

“As you read this, a Brazilian died of coronavirus,” the magazine said. The two most populous countries in Latin America, Brazil and Mexico, see their number of coronavirus infections much higher than in other countries. region.

On Friday night, Brazil reported another 1,005 deaths and Mexico reported 625. The country became the third highest in the world, behind the US and the UK, but ahead of Italy. In total, Brazil has identified more than 645,000 cases, a number that many specialists consider to be largely undervalued due to the lack of adequate testing.

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