Launched on June 2, the French application has passed the milestone for one million users

StopCovid, the contact tracking application to combat the spread of Covid-19, has passed millions of users, said the Secretary of State for Digital on Saturday, adding that this figure corresponded to “activations”, and no to simple downloads.

The French contact tracking application against StopCovid coronavirus “has passed the milestone of one million users,” said the secretary of state for digital on Saturday, June 6,Cédric O, at RMC.

The latter managed for AFP that the figure of one million corresponded to “activations” of the application and not to simple downloads. The bar was crossed “at 7:30 this morning,” it was said from the same source.

StopCovid allows its users to be alerted if they have encountered another user who is contaminated with coronavirus for the past two weeks. The warning is then triggered if the two persons’ smartphones have crossed within one meter, for more than 15 minutes.

“No specific target” in terms of number of users

The effectiveness of the smartphone application depends on the number of people using it, although the government believes it is useful “from the first downloads”.

“We have no specific goal” in terms of number of users, said Cédric O, who added that the application was “particularly useful” for people living in urban areas, “who take public transport and go to bars and restaurants.”

When asked if there have ever been cases where users of the application reported their pollution with Covid-19, Cédric O referred the message to the Ministry of Health at this point.

Leading application downloads

The app is subject to criticism from those who fear it will open the door to a surveillance company, the program consists of keeping track of other users who have been crossed over the past two weeks.

StopCovid, the Debate Tracking Application

However, the French government, which has chosen to hand over the design of the application to French players under the supervision of the National Institute for Research in Computer Science (Inria), has emphasized that the application does not handle identifiers in clear, but alias that is changed regularly.

He particularly refused to use the customizable platform offered by US giants Google and Apple, according to some observers, to come up with a product that is technically unreliable.

The application was launched on Tuesday. Friday night it was still at the top of application downloads in France, according to the specialist company AppAnnie.

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