Michael Jordan donates $ 100 million to racism

Moved by George Floyd’s death and tired of seeing racism “intervening” in the United States, former basketball player Michael Jordan has pledged to donate $ 100 million to an inequality organization in his country.

NBA legend Michael Jordan came out of his silence. The basketball star announced she will donate $ 100 million to organizations working for racial equality and social justice, in a hot environment marked by a wave of protests in the United States.

“Michael Jordan and Jordan Brand will donate $ 100 million over the next ten years to organizations dedicated to ensuring racial equality, social justice and better access to education,” the minister said. communicated.

The largest donation ever

This promise is truly the greatest promise ever made by a sports figure to non-profit charities.

The personal wealth of Michael Jordan, considered the greatest player in NBA history and owner of the Charlotte Hornets franchise, is estimated at $ 2.1 billion.

The importance of this is testament to the intense emotion caused by the death of George Floyd, a 46-year-old African American, during his May 25 arrest in Minneapolis, which has lit the country for ten days with demonstrations turned into clashes.

“We’re 2020, and our Jordan family includes everyone who strives for our way of life. Although much has changed, the worst behaviors remain,” Michael Jordan said.

“Red Racism”

“Black LivesMatter. This is not a controversial claim. Until this rooted racism that causes our country’s institutions to completely eradicate, we will continue to commit ourselves to protecting and improving the lives of black people,” said the former Chicago Bulls star, six times NBA champion.

Michael Jordan was very reluctant during his playing career to protest against racial or social issues in the United States, a mutism for which he has often been criticized. Michael Jordan expressed his anger last week after the death of George Floyd, joined the choir for the many athletes who were annoyed.

“We’ve had enough,” MJ said, “together with those who speak out against racism and violence against people of color in our country.” “We must continue peaceful protests against injustice and demand recognition of responsibility.”

No political involvement

In the latest documentary “The Last Dance” devoted to the bull’s epic in the 1990s, a section dedicated to the famous cynicism replica, “Republicans also buy sneakers,” is voiced by Michael Jordan in a private setting when accused of not support the senatorial candidate for a black Democrat candidate against a white Republican with known racist views.

In the documentary, Michael Jordan claimed that he had never seen himself as a committed athlete. “I congratulate Muhammad Ali for defending his belief. But I never considered myself an activist. I considered myself a basketball player.”

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