Muller is equal to De Bruyne’s record

By signing a decisive pass this Saturday at Leverkusen, the Bavarian striker broke the record held by Kevin De Bruyne.

Thomas Muller participated on Saturday in Bavaria’s broad success on the Leverkusen plan. He did not score, but delivered an assist. And this pass is very symbolic as it is the 20th season and no player has done better in the history of this championship.

Only Belgian Kevin De Bruyne had reached this figure earlier. It was during the 2014/15 season. The Belgian then defended Wolfsburg’s colors. A brand that has long seemed unattainable.

Muller still has time to do better, as he has five more games to play in the Bundesliga this season. Another offer and it will definitely go down in history.

In addition to his 20 assists, Muller has also scored seven goals this season. If we combine decisive ballasts it is by far his most productive season. His previous best rating goes back to 2016 (20 goals and 5 assists).