Over 140 attacks and arrests of journalists in protests in the United States

Since the start of the protest movement that resulted from George Floyd’s death in the United States, several hundred journalists have been attacked by police. Nick Waters, a reporter for the research site Bellingcat, has been listing photos of the events since May 30 on Twitter.Journalists gassed, aimed at rubber bullets, their cameras broken … Between May 30 and June 4, Nick Waters noted 148 arrests or attacks on journalists during the demonstrations caused by George Floyd’s death, killed by a police May 25. Most of the events took place in Minneapolis, where the protest began, but also in several other states.

In this video, published May 31 and viewed over 2 million times on Twitter, Los Angeles Times reporter Molly Hennefessy-Fiske says she was gassed by a Minnesota police patrol: “They identified us as the press and they fired tear gas canisters at us. I was hit in the leg. “

According to watchman who analyzed these attacks, 72% of journalists were identifiable, either with their equipment, or with their brands and press vests. Some films show the police deliberately attacking the press. On June 2, the US channel ABC sent photos of a police officer with his shield to strike a journalist and his camera. The cameraman was quickly identified as Tim Meyers, a reporter for the Australian TV channel 7newsAustralia. Her colleague was also hard pressed by the police. The scene took place during a demonstration outside the White House in Washington.
Following this incident, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morisson asked the Australian Embassy in Washington to investigate this incident.

The place US Press Freedom Tracker, which records attacks on press freedom in the United States, on June 4 had more than 300 “incidents against press freedom” since the start of protests in the United States: 49 arrests, 192 attacks, 69 physical attacks including 43 from the police.

Foreign journalists were not spared, as was Matthieu Derrien, an image reporter for TF1, who published pictures of his car window, broken by a police rubber bullet, on May 31 on Twitter. Minneapolis. Together with his colleague Amandine Atalaya, they were arrested before being quickly released.