Rivaldo: “Dembélé can help Barça bring Neymar back”

The former Barcelona star believes that the key to building Neymar’s comeback is to be separated with French winger Ousmane Dembélé.

Paris Saint-Germain’s expressed interest in Ousmane Dembele could benefit Barcelona’s plan to bring Neymar back, Rivaldo believes. The 1999 Ballon d’Or still believes that it is unlikely that the tenors in La Liga will be able to sign both the Brazilian striker and Lautaro Martinez.

Efforts have been made to bring Neymar back to Catalonia since joining Paris for a record amount in 2017. But they all proved in vain. And there is little chance that Blaugrana will reach its goals during the following transfer window. With the crisis linked to the coronavirus pandemic, it is likely that large-budget transactions will not occur in the immediate future.

However, Dembélé can prove to be an important document in this file as Barça can include it in the deal. Rivaldo, formerly Blaugrana, told Betfair that this is the best option to consider for a Ney comeback: “There are rumors suggesting that PSG may be interested in Ousmane Dembele and although I think Dembele is a fantastic player, I think it could be a good opportunity for Barcelona to finally get Neymar back. Of course Barça will have to pay a little more money to do the deal, but I think it could be a mutually beneficial transaction for the two clubs. “

The ex-international auric world believes that Dembélé could use this business to start over and give a new impetus to his career: “Dembélé could see a good move, because he will have the chance to rediscover his best form and become one of PSG’s star players. He would be back in his home country and able to produce solid performances, so I think it would be interesting for him, but first we have to wait to see if the clubs can reach an agreement. “