Serie A – End of the agreement for Mario Balotelli in Brescia?

Mario Balotelli’s adventure is near the end. According to Republica, there is an agreement to terminate his contract.

He had arrived in Brescia last summer to become a field leader and symbol of a team and a project, but the relationship between Mario Balotelli and the club is already over, and really not in the best way.

According to Repubblicaafter the unnoticeable interruption between the player and President Massimo Cellino, the parties have reached an agreement to terminate the contract. For the farewell to be final now only the official press release is waiting.

A situation that became even more inevitable by the absence of Super Mario in training since the resumption. Absence deemed unfair by the club, which, according to what has emerged in recent days, had prompted Massimo Cellino to consider a resignation, while Balotelli had asked for his reinstatement in the group.

Brescia coach Diego Lopez, speaking in recent hours about what has become a real “Balotelli case,” had found out a situation that already seemed indispensable.

“I had given him the bracelet to feel the feeling and satisfaction of leading the group. I am a person who demands a lot, but also gives a lot. The guys have so far made a way that he has not done. They first worked with Zoom on the computer and then for two weeks here I never saw it.

“We talked to each other and we said many things, each one is lord over his own destiny and knows what can happen. I have three children, I have to follow them and not the boys who already know what to do to avoid some consequences . “

After spending three years in France with Nice and Marseille, Balotelli had also made a sincere choice by joining the team in his city. Brescia might have been the occasion for a high-level revival at the threshold of its 30 years, but once again, everything did not go as planned.

His adventure with the club therefore ends after 19 league matches marked by 5 goals. Brescia, the latest in the 9-point rating from the first non-relegation, will now hope for a performance to hope to remain.