Brazil withdraws public statistics on Covid-19

Brazil, the third most disturbed country in the world with more than 35,026 dead, stopped communicating about the coronavirus and deleted the epidemic statistics from an official website.

Several months of statistics have disappeared in Brazil. The Latin American country withdrew on Saturday, July 6, from a public site of months of statistics on the coronavirus epidemic in the country and has stopped reporting the total number of cases of pollution and death, the Ministry of Health has only reported the results of the last 24 hours .

“The cumulative data (…) does not reflect when the country is in,” President JairBolsonaro said on Twitter, citing a note from the Ministry of Health. “Other measures are in the works to improve census of cases and confirmation of diagnoses.”

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Neither Jair Bolsonaro, who regularly trivialized the dangers of the epidemic, nor did the Ministry of Health provide grounds for deleting data by date, municipality and state displayed on the official website dedicated to the coronavirus.

Deleted pages

The page was deleted on Friday to make room for a new presentation on Saturday and reduced data by just showing deaths, new cases and remissions during the past 24 hours.

More than 672,000 confirmed cases – the second largest sum in the world after the United States – and nearly 36,000 deaths were recorded in total this weekend.

On Saturday evening, the Ministry of Health reported 27,075 cases and 904 deaths in the last twenty-four hours.

Over the past week, Brazil has reported more daily cases and deaths for four consecutive days than any other country in the world.

With Reuters