In Algeria, some companies reopen for the first phase of decontamination

Algeria begins a progressive deconfinance. If some companies and companies can open again since Sunday, partial containment is in effect. For example, schools and mosques are closed and the curfew in several cities is maintained.

Some of the stores opened again on Sunday May 7 in Algeria as part of the relaxation of the measures taken to fight the coronavirus, with partial containment remaining in force in most of the country until June 13.

The government’s “roadmap” revealed on Thursday prescribes a “progressive, flexible and adapted to the epidemiological” closure operation with a resumption of part of the commercial operation.

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Travel agencies, real estate agencies, construction and civil engineering companies, hairdressers for men (not for women), artisans, fast food (take-out only), galleries are especially authorized to open on Sunday art, sports, gaming and toy stores and pastries.

In addition, all traders are required to follow strict preventive measures.

A deconstruction in two stages

The second phase of the Decon Finance Plan, which will begin on June 14, will address other activities such as taxi travel and catering.

At the end of May, the government extended a partial domestic containment to June 13 in 44 of the 48 wilayas (prefectures) in Algeria, lifting it completely in the other four prefectures, including three in the extreme desert south of the country. .

Containment measures result in a curfew from 17.00 to 19.00 (16.00 – 06.00 GMT) in the 16 most affected villas, including Alger and Oran, and from 7 to 07.00 in the others.

Schools and mosques were still closed

The closure of schools and universities, stadiums, mosques and the village hall remains.

Since March 19, the authorities have banned regrouping and ceased all public and private public transport in cities and between provinces as well as rail traffic.

Wearing a sanitary mask has been mandatory since May 24, and perpetrators are sentenced to heavy fines.

According to the Scientific Committee for Monitoring the Development of the Pandemic, 10,050 cases of contamination have been officially registered in Algeria, including 698 deaths, since the registration of the first case on February 25.

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