more than 16,000 displaced during the recent battles in the west

The recent fighting in Libya between Marshal Haftar and the Union government forces (GNA) has forced more than 16,000 Libyans to flee their homes, according to the UN mission in the country.

More than 16,000 Libyans have been displaced in recent fighting that led the Union Government (GNA) forces to regain control of the entire western part of the country at the expense of marshal Haftar’s forces, the mission on Sunday said United Nations (Manul).

“La Manul is still worried about the suffering suffered by the civilian population with the continuous cycle of violence,” it said in a statement.

“Recently [développements] soldiers in Greater Tripoli and Tarhouna [au sud-est de Tripoli]has led to new waves of displacement and suffering for more than 16,000 Libyans in recent days, “the source said.

Bodies discovered at Tarhouna Hospital

The UN mission in Libya also describes as “very disturbing” unconfirmed information from independent sources about the discovery of bodies at Tarhouna Hospital, the last bastion of pro-Haftar in western Libya that was taken over on Friday by pro-GNA.

It urges the Tripoli authorities to immediately start an impartial investigation.

“We have also received numerous reports of looting and destruction of private and public property in Tarhouna and Al-Assabaa [situé à 80 km au sud de Tripoli], which in some cases seems to be reprisals, Manul continues. On Sunday, the security situation seemed particularly fragile in Tarhouna, two days after returning to the city of GNA.

The Tripoli authorities said they had been warned of reprisals or looting or facing criminal charges.

Protect the population

More generally, the Interior Ministry of the GNA called on the military and security forces in “the liberated areas” to ensure the protection of citizens’ lives, dignity and property.

Following the proven failure of its offensive launched in April 2019 in the capital Tripoli, seat of GNA, the strongman of eastern Libya, Khalifa Haftar, is now in the defensive.

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Pro-GNA forces continue against Sirte, a strategic lock in the east and the most important oil installations in the country, still in the hands of Marshal Haftar.

In more than a year, the conflict in Libya has left hundreds of people dead, including many civilians, and forced more than 200,000 people to flee their homes.

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