The Scientific Council requires less strict rules in the school

The President of the Science Council, Jean-FrançoisDelfraissy, said on Sunday that he was in favor of less stringent school rules at the end of June, especially for “meals, recreation or sports”.

Towards simplified health rules at the end of June for school children? This was recommended on Sunday, June 7 by the Science Council President Jean-FrançoisDelfraissy in the Journal du dimanche. He believes that the rules should be simplified especially for “meals, recreation or sports”. , streamlined format, in the light of current knowledge, “adds its president.

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Simplify the rules

Unlike a widespread idea at the beginning of the Covid-19 epidemic, children do not appear to be the main spreaders of the virus and appear less contagious than adults, according to the conclusions of French researchers. “Even by continuing to follow the rules a little heavy, we were able to simplify them after school at the end of June: during meals, take-out or sports,” Jean-FrançoisDelfraissy suggests.

On Thursday, Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer said he hoped the health protocol could be relaxed “soon”.

As for the epidemic, which killed almost 30,000 people in France, mainly among the elderly, “the situation is under control,” says Jean-FrançoisDelfraissy.

Appeal against civil liability in a second wave

And in the event of a second wave, “it will probably have to allow Covidd to run in the young population and try to protect, with their agreement, the most fragile, sick, unsafe or elderly,” the professor said.

“We are in a paradigm shift, a new strategy for us. It will be a matter of managing risk, more importantly in fragile populations. Without coercion but by appealing to individual responsibility,” he continues.

“We propose a plan” and “also a plan for insecure populations: homeless, migrants, people living below the poverty line, quite generally afflicted,” he said, acknowledging that the inclusion of the entire population was applied from mid-March “was not a good decision but least bad “.

“The council would like to stop its work from the beginning of July,” the chairman said.

“The state services are fully operational. It is not healthy for a structure created from the ground up to respond in an emergency,” he argues, adding that the council could always meet again “if the health situation required it.”

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