Coronavirus crisis: “Only a very daring answer will get us anywhere”

On the front page of the press, planetary anger after the crisis of the new corona virus and George Floyd’s death in the United States. Two events that are perceived as manifestations of inequality and racism, by the anti-capitalist and anti-liberal journalist Naomi Klein, who delivers her analysis of this double crisis, in an interview with the French daily Le Monde. A decryption in the form of “I accuse”.

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From London to Sydney, via Rome, Madrid and Paris, the protests continued to fade, and the French daily Liberation spoke of protests “against racism and police violence”. But what exactly are the causes of this global anger? Why are they showing up now? Why on this scale?

When asked about the current US crisis, the starting point for these global protests, Naomi Klein argues that “racism and inequality” not only emerged in full light during the Covid-19 crisis, but that they also “shaped” the response to this crisis. According to the Canadian environmental and anti-capitalist activist, as long as it appeared at the beginning of the crisis that everyone was in danger, “governments were ready to interrupt economic activity in human health. But as soon as it became clear that those most exposed to the virus were “the poor, the black, the elderly or the disabled” – those she said were already considered “cheap citizens” when calls to “revitalize the economy have become more lively”. George Floyd “in the US would have been” the last straw “.

On the question, even in the coming months and years, anti-capitalist Naomi Klein will admit that there really is “a need to save companies”, but warn that we need to ask ourselves “what a futur battery”. All the battles, “whether it be the fight against police violence, against climate change or for a just economy, are linked,” she assures, before concluding: “Accelerate is what capitalism wants as we do. But speed is the enemy. to ask ourselves is how we can live well to protect our health and the planet. “