Liberated by Washington, the second Iranian scientist returns to Tehran

Majid Tahéri, a second Iranian scientist released by the United States, landed in Tehran on Monday. The Islamic Republic, which holds at least five Americans, recently called for an extensive prisoner exchange with Washington.

Iranian scientist Majid Tahéri returned to Iran on Monday (June 8) after being released from prison in the United States last week as part of a prisoner swap, the semi-official news agency Isna reported.

Majid Tahéri was greeted at Imam Khomeini International Airport in Tehran by Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Jabéri Ansari, said Isna, who published a photo of the two men to journalists.

The researcher who was detained for sixteen months by Washington was released Thursday, Tehran released for his part Michael White, an ex-US Navy soldier. “I hope to see the liberation [d’autres Iraniens emprisonnés à l’étranger] in the near future, “said Hossein Jabéri Ansari, adding that his ministry would do its best to achieve it.

Majid Tahéri says he is innocent

Majid Tahéri, who presented himself as an “Iranian doctor”, was accused by Washington of violating US sanctions by sending a technical article to Iran. In December, he pleaded guilty to breach of financial reporting obligations by depositing $ 277,344 into a bank, repeatedly appearing with cash, according to court documents.

On Monday, he dismissed the charges against him, calling them “unfair and unjust,” according to Fars. “I helped the University of Tehran develop a cancer vaccine, especially for women,” he said.

Tehran demands the exchange of prisoners

This new repatriation of Iranian prisoners from Washington comes a few days after Cyrous Asgari, which took place on June 2. This other Iranian researcher, who was jailed for several years in the United States on charges of theft of industrial secrets, was finally acquitted in November 2019 but he was jailed.

Several arrests or convictions of Iranians have occurred in the United States since US President Donald Trump in 2018 condemned the International Iranian Nuclear Agreement signed in 2015 and reinstated heavy sanctions against Tehran.

Iran, which holds at least five Americans, recently demanded a comprehensive prisoner swap agreement with the United States, which detains fourteen Iranians, according to a list compiled by AFP from official releases and press information.

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