Minneapolis police will be dismantled

City Council members in Minneapolis announced on Sunday that police in the northern United States will be wound up. This shock comes two weeks after the death of George Floyd, a black man, during his arrest by a white police officer.

Two weeks after George Floyd’s death during his Minneapolis arrest, a majority of City Council members declared Sunday, June 7, to dismantle the local police department.

“We are committed to dismantling the police force, as we know it in the city of Minneapolis, and to rebuilding a new model of public safety that really ensures the safety of our people,” said Lisa Bender, president of the City Council, on CNN.

She said she intended to transfer funds from the police budget to population-based projects. The agency also intends to investigate how to replace the existing police, “she added.” The idea of ​​not having a police force is really not a short-term project, “she said.

The mayor’s objection

According to Councilor Alondra Cano, the Council concluded that city policy “was not reformable and that we would end the current police system”.

But the mayor, Jacob Frey, had announced before the Council vote that he was not for this dismantling, saying he preferred a “major structural reform to the overhaul of this structurally racist system.” As a result, the City Council’s pledge may take time to realize.

Democrats on Sunday called for a major transformation of the police, accused of discrimination, injustice and brutality against black Americans.

Act before Congress

Several elected Democrats want to attack what they consider to be the product of racism that has plagued America’s history since slavery by proposing a law to reform police throughout the country Monday.

Some measures have already been put in place at the local level since the beginning of this protest movement, so the Seattle police chief banned the use of tear gas for thirty days. Minneapolis police have announced they will now ban the dangerous “choke” technique.

George Floyd’s death is only the latest in a long series in recent years of the deaths of mostly unarmed black men in interaction with white police.

White police Derek Chauvin, who knifed his knee for nearly nine minutes on George Floyd’s neck, initially charged, was charged with murder, but this boss was reclassified on June 4 as murder, punishable by forty years from prison. He is scheduled to appear in court for the first time on Monday.

The three police officers who followed him, who had not been immediately prosecuted, were eventually charged with involvement and detained.

With AFP and Reuters