“silence” of white athletes embarrass Yannick Noah

Former French tennis champion Yannick Noah would like to see more white athletes speak out to condemn racism and police violence.

The French favorite and the hexagonal sports icon, Yannick Noah, lamented the “silence” of white athletes on Sunday, June 7, following George Floyd’s death in the United States.

“It’s good for the young people to take care of it, but what bothers me is that they are all half breeds or blacks,” said the former tennis champion, interviewed on France 2 TV. about his sports compatriots Gaël Monfils, Kylian Mbappé or Jo-Wilfried Tsonga on this topic.

“Why? It’s an injustice that should make everyone aware,” he added. “There have been cases more or less suffocating sometimes. I’m sure the police generally do their job very well, but the bad apples, sometimes we supported them a little.”

Noah was assured of the youth’s commitment

By resuming the need for “white athletes” to get involved in the question, the former Roland-Garrosa winner replied: “Yes, for their silence bothers me, it goes further than that”.

“What calms me down as a half-breed is that we talk about injustice fairly quickly. He added, though. Yes, he is a black man, it has always happened, but there, all of a sudden there are also the young white people, a young generation. who realize that this is their own future, they do not want to live in this world. “

Other sports stars regret the silence of white athletes

Yannick Noah, winner of Roland-Garros in 1983 and just celebrating 60 years, had already posted last week a photo of him on his Instagram account, wearing a white T-shirt where we could read “I can’t breathe, # JusticeForGeorgeFloyd “.

In the video of the arrest after he died, we hear George Floyd, a 46-year-old African American, repeating “I can’t breathe [je ne peux pas respirer]”while a police officer stuck him in the ground and held his knee to his neck for nearly nine minutes.

Before Yannick Noah, six times British F1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton had regretted the “silence” of the “biggest stars” in his sport, “dominated by whites”. German World Champion Jérôme Boateng 2014 also considered it “desirable” that more famous white athletes “use their fame” to fight racism.

With AFP