Thinking about the future of education: what program to build tomorrow’s schools?

The Covid-19 crisis revealed how urgent and important it is to review teaching methods and to think of new tools to ensure access to education. Our guest, Amadou Diaw, founder of the ISM of Dakar and president of the Saint-Louis Forum, calls for “launching an offensive against ignorance” and “investing in the school to build the continent’s future”. According to him, it is also important to integrate African features into education and to invest in education for young girls.

In summary: in Burkina Faso, to compensate for the closure of schools during the health crisis, Fabrice Teeg-Wendé Guéné, a young entrepreneur, has developed an online learning platform. Its “Digital School” offers free courses based on the national education program.

Finally, in Kenya, a little genius invented a machine to fight the spread of coronavirus. Steve Wamukota, 9, has developed a system for washing hands more hygienically without contact between users. All the residents of his village Bungoma use his invention. The budding engineer aroused their admiration and received a Presidential Award for his contribution to the fight against the pandemic.