travelers entering the UK subject to quarantine

To avoid the import of cases of new coronavirus during its deconfinance, the United Kingdom began on Monday to introduce a two-week quarantine on anyone coming from abroad. The measure, criticized, undermines the aviation and tourism sector.

Since Monday, June 8, anyone arriving in the UK from abroad must isolate themselves for 14 days to avoid importing new cases of coronavirus.

Fourteen weeks, which will be reviewed by the UK Government every three weeks, include all land, sea and air arrivals, whether travelers live or not in the UK, and aim to avoid cases of Covid-19 from the UK. foreigner when the country gradually lifted the restrictions introduced at the end of March to contain the spread of the virus.

“I really hope people can come on a plane, go on vacation this summer, but we must start with a cautious approach,” Health Minister Matt Hancock said on Sunday. Sky News.

Checks and fines

Random checks will be carried out and perpetrators can pay £ 1,000 (€ 1,122). Exceptions are made for road hauliers, healthcare professionals, fruit pickers or travelers from Ireland.

The United Kingdom has 40,542 deaths from people tested positive for the new coronavirus, and even more than 48,000, including suspected cases of nearly 287,000 contaminants, according to the latest official report, Sunday.

The National Statistics Service (ONS) estimated more than 5,500 daily pollutants at the end of May in England. And according to a study by British Health Authorities (PHE England) and researchers at the University of Cambridge, the virus has even accelerated the spread in some regions since the beginning of deconfinance.

The government’s scientific adviser, Patrick Vallance, even appreciated before the press that the decision to introduce this quarantine was more political than scientific, although the government is proud to carefully follow scientific advice.

A controversial measure

Against the background of the pandemic, aviation and tourism professionals are very upset with this measure. Airlines British Airways, EasyJet and Ryanair asked the government on Sunday to release this “inefficient quarantine, which will have a devastating effect on the British tourism industry and will destroy (…) thousands of jobs”. They signed an official letter addressed to the government on Friday, a preliminary step to possible legal action.

“Thousands of Europeans who would normally travel to the UK in July and August during the high season do not come because they are afraid of quarantine,” said Ryanair chief Michael O’Leary. on Sky News Monday.

At London Heathrow Airport, the work of 25,000 people, or one-third of the total workforce, is being threatened, the airport manager, John Holland-Kaye, warned in the podcast for the daily London Business Center City AM.

Selenium has spread to the conservative majority, which fears the government will sabotage the economy, already hit by the health crisis.

As a way out, Boris Johnson’s government is considering establishing bridges with some tourist destinations, such as France or Spain, which would allow quarantine to be bypassed. According to the Sunday Times, the leader asked his transport minister to find a solution before the end of June.

With AFP