under pressure, Emmanuel Macron urges the government to act quickly

Faced with many mobilizations and demonstrations, Emmanuel Macron urged his government to communicate proposals as soon as possible to improve police ethics, city policy and the fight against racism.

The proliferation of protests against racism and police violence in France has forced Emmanuel Macron to step up to the plate. The French president asked his government to “speed up” its proposals to improve police ethics, Elysee said on Monday, June 8.

According to the Presidency, Emmanuel Macron met especially on this topic on Sunday with Prime Minister Édouard Philippe and Interior Minister Christophe Castaner, while the shock wave caused by George Floyd’s death in the United States continued to spread on Saturday in France, where more than 23,000 protesters, according to the Interior Ministry, condemned police violence and demanded “justice for all”.

The President of the Republic ordered the head of government and the relevant government members to address the various aspects of the subject, police ethics but also city politics and racism. He also asked Keeper of the Seals Nicole Belloubet to investigate the 2016 death of Adama Traoré, a young 24-year-old black man, during an arrest.

Christophe Castaner called to find out slippages online

The head of state asked Christophe Castaner to find out about the issues of police ethics and to carry out the work he had asked the government in January to “improve police ethics” after the “yellow vests” crisis and the demonstrations against pension reform.

According to those around him, the President of the Republic also asked Christophe Castaner “to find out the measures planned after the WhatsApp loop deal” and racist comments from police on social networks.

“The president of the Republic hoped we could speed up these things to give the police the keywords it takes so that what may sometimes seem slippery doesn’t happen,” confirmed CNews Minister responsible for relations with Parliament Marc Fesneau.

Seized by Christophe Castaner, the Paris Prosecutor’s Office opened an investigation on Friday about racist messages posted on a Facebook group and attributed to the police.

Proposals expected on police ethics

“In connection with feelings brought about by George Floyd’s death in the United States, some of the national community is protesting against racism and questioning police behavior. We want to respond to this anger through transparency and through action,” said Matignon.

Édouard Philippe and Christophe Castaner made stock on Sunday “on the work of the Interior Ministry for several months on the technical and ethical framework for police intervention”. “This work will be the subject of a communication from the minister at the beginning of the week,” said the same source.

“The prime minister will also have the opportunity to present the government’s actions in the priority neighborhoods, which justify the summer’s approach a solidarity effort,” she added, while studying a trip to ‘Edouard Philippe in one of these districts.

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