Carrie Lam opposes a return of “chaos” one year after the first demonstrations

Hong Kong chief executive Carrie Lam warned Tuesday that “chaos” could no longer take place in Hong Kong, citing the protest movement that has rocked the territory in recent months.

“Hong Kong cannot afford such chaos.” A year after the wave of pro-democracy protests, semi-autonomous island executive Carrie Lam said Tuesday, June 9, that all people in Hong Kong must prove that they are “reasonable and sensible citizens of the People’s Republic of China”. And this, if they wanted to maintain their freedoms and autonomy, warned CarrieLam.

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Carrie Lam spoke during his weekly press conference, which coincided with the anniversary of a giant demonstration against a extradition proposal. This was to facilitate the transfer of suspects to China for trial.

“Anti-virus program in Hong Kong”

The protest is seen as the starting point for an anti-government protest, which has been revived in recent weeks as Beijing tightens its grip on the city.

In fact, the Chinese government adopted a bill in May aimed at banning separatism, subversion, preparation or commission of terrorist activities, as well as activities by foreign forces involved in business.

“Once in effect, this law will be as if we had installed antivirus software in Hong Kong, with the principle” one country, two systems “operating in a safer, more fluid and more sustainable way,” s “defended on Monday Zhang Xiaoming , Deputy Director of Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Bureau.

New demands for protest

Opponents of this law, which is currently being drafted in Beijing, are afraid that it will open the way for an unprecedented erosion of freedoms in this financial metropolis.

After a calm during the coronavirus pandemic, protesters have returned to the streets in recent weeks and further rallies are expected.

Message forums used by the protest movement urge residents to mobilize on Tuesday night to mark this first anniversary. At the same time, student groups and unions have announced their intention to investigate their members for a possible strike movement in the coming days. However, the trade union movement is still weak in this metropolis with almost 7.5 million inhabitants.

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Last year, about 9,000 people were arrested in Hong Kong for participating in the protests, and more than 1,700 have already been indicted.

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