Lyon, Garcia wants to hold Depay for at least one more season

The Olympic coach wants to keep his captain Memphis Depay in at least one more campaign.

What future for Memphis Depay? The player and Lyon have not reached a common ground for a possible extension of the lease and while the Olympics will probably not play in the European Cup next season, retaining Batavian can be complicated.

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RMC said a few days ago that the offers do not come at the gate of the former Manchester United player and it is good for Rudi Garcia, who hopes to hold it for at least another season, according to Team.

The two men have had a good relationship since the technician offered the captain’s bracelet to the Dutchman.

The former Roma coach also intends to convince Depay by declaring that he will have more choices of waste points next year after signing fantastic performances with the Olympics during the 2020-2021 season.