Palestinians make a “counter-proposal” to Trump’s plan

Palestinians have submitted a “counter-proposal” to the US plan for the Middle East, which includes the annexation of parts of the West Bank occupied by Israel, the Palestinian prime minister said on Tuesday.

This is a new plan that has emerged on the quartet table (European Union, UN, Russia and USA). The Palestinians “submitted a counter-proposal” to him on the American plan a few days ago, Mohammed Shtayyeh said.

The text, “four and a half pages” suggests the creation of a “sovereign, independent and demilitarized Palestinian state,” the Palestinian prime minister said.

Minor changes to the limit

The text also suggests “minor changes to the border line if needed,” he suggested during a meeting with foreign journalists in Ramallah, seat of the Palestinian Authority, and added that the proposed transfer of territories will take place “in the same” in terms of “size” and value “.

The US plan, announced in late January in Washington, states that Israel was settled by settlements and the Jordan Valley on the West Bank, occupied since 1967 by the Hebrew state.

It also provides for the creation of a Palestinian state in a reduced territory, without East Jerusalem as its capital, contrary to what the Palestinians want.

The European Union (EU) opposes it and asks the Israeli government to leave the annexation, while the latter must present from 1yourJuly’s strategy for implementing the American project.

Recognition of a Palestinian state, sanctions on Israel or others: many European countries question the line to be adopted to discourage Israel from moving forward with this plan, and what measures to take in effective annexation, emphasize diplomatic sources.

“We want Israel to feel international pressure (…) For the first time, European political allies are discussing sanctions against Israel because we asked for them,” Mohammed Shtayyeh said on Tuesday.

“The twist is there, the dissatisfaction is there”

“The gratitude [d’un État palestinien, NDLR] is a preventive measure against annexation and the sanctions are another, another, “he added.

In recent days, demonstrations have been multiplied on the West Bank, but also in Israel, against the annexation project, without large crowds gathering on the Palestinian side to date.

“The anger is there, the dissatisfaction is there, the frustration is there and all this is a recipe for more problems,” said Mohammed Shtayyeh, but ensures that the Palestinian Authority, led by Mahmous Abbas, wants to avoid “chaos.”

Currently, more than 450,000 Israelis live in settlements that are deemed illegal under international law at the West Bank, where 2.7 million Palestinians live.

With Reuters