Prince Andrew would refuse to cooperate with American justice in the Epstein case

While attorneys for Prince Andrew say he has offered his assistance three times to the US Department of Justice, the Manhattan federal prosecutor responded on Monday that the Duke of York presents “false to the public as eager to cooperate” in an investigation into Jeffrey Epstein.

Is Prince Andrew ready to cooperate with American justice in the Epstein case? His lawyers said on Monday, June 8, that he had offered “at least three times” to testify in this case about sexual assault, but the Manhattan federal prosecutor accused him of pretending.

The second son of Queen Elisabeth II has been called for months to explain what he knew about the business of his wealthy American friend, who was found hanged in his cell in August 2019, after he was accused of exploiting sexually underage girls.

His defense released a lengthy update on Monday after news was published by the play The sun and American media, according to which American justice seized the British authorities to compel him to testify.

“The Duke of York offered at least three times his help as a witness to the Department of Justice” (DoJ), his lawyers reported. “Unfortunately, DoJ responded to our first two proposals by breaking their own rules of confidentiality” by confirming that it had not cooperated, they lamented and accused the department of “perhaps wanting to seek publicity rather than accepting the help offered”.

Version opposite of Manhattan Federal Attorney

Comments on which Manhattan federal prosecutor Geoffrey Berman, who is in charge of the investigation, were quick to respond. He said in a tweet that the prince presented himself “falsely to the public as he was anxious to cooperate in the investigation (…)” when he “repeatedly refused to stop an interview with the US authorities” and that “he had informed them “clearly almost four months ago that he would not go to such an interview”.

These exchanges can only fuel the suspicion of the prince in this resounding deal that has poisoned the British crown for ten months.

However, Justice Minister William Barr said on Monday that it is not a matter of extraditing the Queen’s son to the United States. “I think it’s just a matter of him providing information, but I will not comment further,” the minister told Fox News.

Withdrawals from public life

The Prince’s descent to hell began in August 2019 with the publication in the United States of court documents. A woman, Virginia Roberts, claims to have had sexual relations with the prince on three occasions, to which Jeffrey Epstein would have forced her when she was 17 years old. The Duke of York has always denied these accusations.

The publication of a photo, showing Virginia Roberts at that time branched out by the Prince, did the rest, as did another photograph showing the Prince walking in New York with the financier, even when the latter had already been sentenced and jailed for prostitution in 2008.

To defend himself, Prince Andrew granted a lengthy interview to the BBC in November, which was a failure as he showed no remorse and seemed to lack empathy for the victims. with whom he worked, he finally announced in November 2019 that he was withdrawing from public life and is now discreet.

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