Protests against police violence across Africa

On the menu of the Journal of Africa this Monday, demonstrations against racism and police violence on the continent are increasing. Processes marched in Ghana, Kenya, but also in South Africa, where mobilization takes on another dimension due to the segregationist past in the country.

Also in the summary; While Laurent Gbagbo has just seen his conditions for parole relaxed and his return to the Ivory Coast has never been possible, FPI continues its strategy change. After boycotting all the elections since 2011 and Laurent Gbagbo’s fall, the party decided to start the race. With the “electoral flood” operation, the FPI will encourage its militants to enroll massively on the lists for the presidential election. Since 2015, the party has been divided into two factions: on the one hand “Gbagbo or nothing”, on the other the official FPI, recognized by the authorities.

Also on the front, the opening in Paris for the trial of Lamine Diack, the former Senegalese head of world sports. With several other defendants, including his son – absent during the trial – he is accused of protecting doped Russian athletes during the 2010s and faces up to ten years in prison.

Finally, the center of Togo is considered to be the wind in the urban areas. In this region most agricultural products are grown. Just over two months ago, wholesalers from neighboring countries flocked. But since the appearance of Covid-19, sales have fallen sharply when land borders were closed. The entire agricultural sector is affected: producers, wholesalers, transporters and handlers.