PSG – Thiago Silva, a legend’s departure at the Achilles heel

The captain of the club, Silva will not continue the adventure at PSG. A start with a bitter taste for a player who has become a legend, whose adventures have been eventful.

Prestige, elegance, calm, solidity … Words abound when it comes to defining the characteristics of Thiago Silva. Arrived at PSG 2012 from AC Milan, the central defender did not stay long in the shadow of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, arrived with him in a luxury package with the signature of Leonardo. After getting the nickname “O Monstro”, the Brazilian had really impressed everyone in France.

Thiago Silva, an Achilles heel legend

Radiant with his sense of anticipation, his ability to defend standing and his communicative calm, Thiago Silva, who is then considered one of the best in the world at his service, probably did not imagine staying so long in Paris, he who envied more prestigious clubs, FC Barcelona at the forefront. Eight years, more than 300 played, 17 goals and 24 titles later won, the adventure finally ends for the man, who is now 35 years old. No extension to the program despite repeated calls from the foot and an announced crime that necessarily leaves a taste of unfinished … Paradox Thiago Silva.

Long flawless, sometimes heroic, as was the case on the lawn at Stamford Bridge in 2015, when he qualified PSG in the quarterfinals of the Champions League at the expense of Chelsea Blues, Thiago Silva was also a regular target for some critics. Iconic captain of the club, he has often been criticized for not being able to raise his level of play during very big events. The problem, it is precisely to see him push the club’s project high on the European stage that the people of Ile-de-France did not hesitate to spend the sum of 42 million euros in the summer of 2012 … And these critics do not stop at the simple borders of France. On the contrary, these are even more acerbic in Brazil, where we still do not melt fiasco in the 2014 World Cup.

The historic defeat to FC Barcelona (6-1), the degrading elimination against Manchester United in 2019 or his red card received against Valenciennes 2013, which had caused his athletic manager Leonardo’s rage in the Parc des Princes bays and dropped his departure to new horizons. .. Three indelible details in his Parisian CV. If its significance for the explicit development of PSG is not in dispute, it is obvious that the results of the Brazilian, who originally came to win C1, are paradoxically debated. Qualified for the quarterfinals of the competition, he will have one last chance to reach this end of the season with PSG, his agent has repeated his desire to fight for this final goal. One thing is certain, it will probably be years before Ligue 1 crosses tracks with such a UFO as a central defender. Even the greatest champions have their faults, and Thiago Silva is certainly of this rank.