The Breonna Taylor case, the second case of police violence shaking the United States

In the streets of Louisville (Kentucky), protesters speaking out against police violence call out the names of George Floyd, by Ahmaud Arbery, but also by Breonna Taylor, a health worker who was killed by eight bullets by police. They demand that his name will not be forgotten and justice be done to him.

Breonna Taylor would have been 27 years old on Friday, June 5. That day, hundreds of protesters descended to Louisville, Kentucky, to demand the arrest and indictment of police officers involved in the death of this medical technician who was killed last March 13 at home. Some labeled a “Happy Birthday” while others sent birthday cards to Kentucky State Attorney Daniel Cameron to demand justice, according to The New York Times.

At the same time, in social networks, the joy is also keen on this young African American who dreamed of becoming a nurse. “#BreonnaTaylor should celebrate their 27the anniversary. Instead, she was shot and killed while sleeping in her bed. Police were not charged, “reads tweets from angry Internet users.

Since then, the name of Breonna Taylor has become inseparable from the hashtag #SayHerName, a social movement that was born in 2015 in the tradition of the “Black Lives Matter” movement and which was intended to remind that black women in the United States are equally victims of police violence. just men. Senator Kamala Harris shared this sentiment on Twitter. “We cannot forget about black women in our quest for justice,” she wrote.

“Her life has been tragically taken by the police and we will not stop going to justice until she has served her and her family. #SayHerName,” said Democrat Senator Cory Booker. New Jersey.

Personalities such as actresses Millie Bobby Brown, Emily Ratajkowski or even singer Cardi B also joined this mobilization on the web.

“We’re not trying to compete with Floyd’s story”

“All Black Lives Matter” commented in the columns of the New York Times Andrea Ritchie, author of “Invisible No More: Police Violence Against Black Women and Women of Color” (Never more invisible: police violence suffered by black women and women of color). We’re not trying to compete with the story of Floyd, we’re trying to end the story, “added the activist, surprised that the name of Breonna Taylor is no longer chanted in the protests currently agitating the United States.

For several weeks, the Breonna Taylor case remained forgotten by the media. Probably because of widespread media attention at the time of the Covid-19 epidemic, said Taylor family attorney Ben Crump. But also the absence of video during the young woman’s death, unlike Ahmaud Arberys and George Floyd.

The facts are there: about 13.00 on March 13, three family clothing police searched Breonna Taylor’s house with a commander. When police entered the apartment after breaking down the front door, his fiancé, Kenneth Walker, grabbed his gun and fired a shot, hitting one of the police officers in the thigh. One of them responded by shooting at least 20 shots at the pair. Breonna Taylor received at least eight balls.

After miraculously surviving the shooting, Kenneth Walker was arrested and charged with attempted murder before the charges were dropped the following month.

“The 2e change does not apply to African Americans “

According to Louisville Courier Journal, police investigated two men who said they were selling drugs in a house far from Breonna Taylor’s home. However, a warrant was signed to authorize police to search his apartment because one of the two men had used this address to receive parcels. It allowed security forces to enter without warning and without identifying themselves.

“The second amendment does not apply to African Americans. [Breonna Taylor et Kenneth Walker] believed they were victims of a burglary, said family lawyer and civil rights lawyer Ben Crump in a CBS interview. He struggles to have the young woman’s death reclassified as murder.

Since the end of May, the FBI has launched an investigation into the circumstances surrounding Breonna Taylor’s death. According to the latest parts of the investigation, police found no drugs in the young woman’s apartment and the coveted drug dealer was already arrested when the search warrant was executed.

However, the three Louisville police officers involved in this deal have so far never been concerned. In Louisville, the excitement of the streets is increasing. 1your June, on the side of protests against police violence, police again shot a 53-year-old restaurateur, David Mc Atee. He was African American.