Towards the end of the health condition on July 10

The French government must present a bill for a gradual exit from the state of health from March 24 to July 10.

The target for July 10 is confirmed. The French government wants to end this date the health condition that was implemented on March 24 to fight coronavirus. Matignon explained this decision on Tuesday, June 9, insisting on “the development of this positive stage of the health situation”.

“This departure from the state of health must, however, be strictly and gradually organized,” and the government will therefore submit to the Council of Ministers on Wednesday a bill that will regulate access if needed to transport, to restrict or prohibit certain gatherings and to re-close certain facilities. welcoming the public.

“However, these provisions would not allow a return to strict containment,” such as the one implemented from March 17 to curb the epidemic. The health care permit, which was in effect since March 24, had been extended for two months until July 10. It “must remain an exceptional regime,” insists Matignon.

A decree on relapse

Therefore, the government does not want to extend it a second time. But the text presented on Wednesday “leaves the prime minister with some of his tools, over a period of four months” from July 10 on the ever epidemic, today considered “under control” by the Swedish Research Council, experienced a rebound.

The exit from the health permit “would thus be organized gradually under parliamentary control, which would be informed of the measures taken by the government under the same conditions as under the health permit”, Matignon specifies.

If a general or local worsening of the situation would justify more restrictive measures of freedom, the government should then return to the state of health, which can be reintroduced in all or part of the territory by a decree in the Council of Ministers.

With AFP