a bill passed unanimously in the Senate

After the National Assembly, the Senate, in turn, adopted a bill aimed at combating domestic violence. This especially introduces an exception to medical confidentiality.

The Senate unanimously passed, night to Tuesday, June 9, to Wednesday, June 10, at first reading, after the National Assembly, legislation on the Republic of the Road (LREM) to better “protect the victims of domestic violence,” which introduces an exception to medical confidentiality in the event of “immediate danger”.

Deputies and senators will now try to agree on a joint version of the text in a joint joint committee.

A first series of measures had already been adopted by the end of 2019, in the bill proposed by President Les Républicains (LR) Aurélien Pradié, including the generalization of the bracelet against approximation.

“We regret at this stage 36 domestic murders in 2020, against 150 throughout 2019. This is obviously not a victory (…) but this reduction is undoubtedly a marker of the relevance of the measures that are not yet fully deployed,” says Keeper of the Seals, Nicole Belloubet.

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Increased punishment for harassment

The text provided by the senators allows a physician to waive the duty of confidentiality when he “believes in the conscience” that there is “immediate danger” to the victim’s life and fluctuation situation.

It increases penalties for harassment within the couple, leading to ten years in prison when the harassment led the victim to commit suicide or attempt to commit suicide.

“The breeding ground for domestic violence is a phenomenon of domination,” said State Secretary for Gender Equality Marlène Schiappa, stressing that “for the first time”, the concept of control comes into law.

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The text also suppresses the geolocation of a person without his consent and creates an aggravating circumstance in the event of a breach of confidentiality by a spouse or former spouse, to better fight “conjugal cyberviolence”. In the same vein, the senators created an aggravating circumstance for the crime of repeated sending of malicious messages.

It also strengthens the protection of minors from exposure to pornography, a Senate amendment that imposes age controls on publishers of pornographic websites.

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