“In the name of George Floyd”

On the front page of the press, yesterday’s funeral in the United States, George Floyd, this African American was killed by a white police officer whose death triggered a wave of worldwide protest. And complaints were made in Italy and France on behalf of the victims of the Covid-19 epidemic.

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“In the name of George Floyd”: like many newspapers around the world, the French daily L’Humanité expresses its sense of “brotherhood” towards this African American, whose death marks “the end of a story and the start of a struggle”, against racism and police violence “Last tribute to George Floyd,” headline sobering liberation, like the funeral that took place yesterday in Houston, Texas, where thousands of people had come to meditate. Among them, Denis Carpenter, especially from Missouri: “I saw a man who should be here, with us, resting in a coffin, “he testified in Libé. As a black man it hurts, it’s a difficult wound to heal.” This meditation was shared in France, especially in Paris. The Liberation reports that thousands of people gathered again last night, Place de la République, against racism and police violence and kneeled for 8 minutes and 46 seconds, the time to die by George Floyd.

Also in France, the prosecutor in Paris announced that a preliminary investigation into the management of the Covid-19 epidemic was initiated. According to Le Figaro, about sixty complaints from individuals, unions and associations have been filed, especially for “murders and involuntary injuries” and “jeopardizing the lives of others”. These complaints are addressed to several cases, as well as administrative officials, but not the head of state, who is criminally irresponsible, or the ministers, whose possible criminal liability falls under the court of the Republic.

In Bergamo, this city in northern Italy, which has become the symbol of the ravages of the coronavirus, a committee has been set up to demand “truth and justice” for the victims of Covid-19. 50 complaints are filed there today. Asked by Il Fatto Quotidiano, quoted by Courrier International, one of the complainant’s lawyers explains: “If we fail in criminal law, we will appeal to civil justice. And unless we get justice, we will go to court [européenne des droits de l’homme] for violation of Article 32 of the Italian Constitution “- an article which states that” the Republic guarantees health as a fundamental right to the individual and the interests of the Community “.