Internet users try to fail to discredit the Black Lives Matter movement

A major protest movement against racism and police violence has shaken the United States since George Floyd’s death on May 25, and many conservative Internet users are trying to discredit him. Some have thus created a false support movement for African Americans who consist of shaving their heads “to free themselves from their privileged white hair”. A campaign that turned out to be a bitter failure.The watchman would have started from the famous US forum 4chan, where many Internet users discuss trolling, that is, the creation of endless and often unfounded controversies and discussions in networks, usually by anonymous and aggressive.

“Make #GoBaldForBLM (” Shave your head for Black Lives Matter “in French) viral on Twitter and Instagram. The idea is that women, especially white women, should shave off BLM. That they feel guilty for having” white “straight hair as a sign of “solidarity” with black women “, we can read in a message published on June 4 by an anonymous user of 4chan with a Templar flag, symbol associated with the far right. #GoBaldForBLM has been used more than 25,000 times on Twitter since then.

Pictures recovered everywhere on the internet

The message is accompanied by a photo showing a young tattooed woman, clipper in hand. On the same day, this photo was published by a fake Twitter account.

“Your hair can grow back, show your support and solidarity by shaving your hair!”, The legend says image.

Thanks to a reverse image search (click here to know how to do it) there are several occurrences of the image in blogs in 2017, well before George Floyd’s death.

“Shave my head in protest, I feel good,” we can read on this tweet, which was once again published by a fake account after mainly stories about personalities and conservative media.

This three-photo montage showing a brunette woman shaving her hair has also been widely circulated and has been shared more than 2,100 times, similarly we find a prevalence of this image long before the June 2020 demonstrations.

“I just did a reverse image search, the photo is from at least 2019. This is all work on digital agitators,” details in response to the previous tweet entrepreneur Jeremy Gardner.

In the tweet below, entrepreneur Jeremy Gardner shows an instance of the same image posted May 18, 2019 on Pinterest, proving that it has been on the internet at least since that date.
“I did not shave for a performance on c **, I lost my hair during chemotherapy”

Other images of women with shaved hair were cut to believe that women had fallen into the trap, especially in the this publication retweeted more than 400 times.

At the top right is a photo montage of a girl before and after shaving her hair. Again, there is an older occurrence on the blog platform Tumblr In 2017, at the bottom left, we see a fitting of two assemblies of the same type.

The first shows a woman with red hair wearing a black top. Several Twitter users found the true origin of this photo: it was published in March 2016 on Instagram.

You can read in the caption of the original photo: “Look at what my friend Mel did today. It’s an incredible act of selflessness in support of Australians with blood cancer. She raised $ 2,500”.

The other shows a young woman wearing colorful makeup. This photo is newer but has nothing to do with the Black Lives Matter movement: it shows Lucy Sweeney, a young woman with a disease that causes significant hair loss. As reported the American media ABCthe latter used the prison attached to Covid-19 to shave his head completely. Finally, the picture at the bottom right shows the tweet on the fake story of “Ashley Watson” and says, “I before and after, if please show your support for Black Lives Matter.” In addition to the young woman who is seen in these pictures reacting and condemning the theft of her image.

“Hi everyone, these pictures are of me. I did NOT shave my head for any white performance on c **, I lost my hair during chemotherapy 2018 and I liked it so much this cup that I kept it”, wrote Lizzeth Lemon on Twitter.
“I haven’t seen any woman fooled by this false move”

Web sites affiliated with the French right have repeated the phenomenon, claiming that many women had fallen into the panel: “White women are more desperate than ever to attract attention, some of them met the challenge #GoBaldForBLM”, New world orderBut after extensive research done on social networks, our editors found no Internet users who fell into the trap that 4chan-troll set up by shaving their heads in tribute to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Stéphanie Lamy, feminist and information war specialist, made the same observation:

I’ve seen #GoBaldForBLM emerge in circles with identity generation [mouvement politique d’extrême-droite, NDLR] first in French, and I quickly realized that the trend had circulated a lot from the United States before arriving in France. The message was published on several platforms but was forwarded by the same type of person: white anti-feminist men or masculinists on the far right who wanted to target the white woman’s “traitor” or “collabo” as she builds relationships with non-white men. They regularly caress this type of woman “PAN” or “p * te à n * gre”. I have not seen any woman deceived by this false support movement and I do not think that these masculinists really believed that would work, the goal was above all to unite each other around a “joke” and a common hatred of women. And this, internationally, as a kind of anti-Black Lives Matter counter-movement, a movement that has managed to cross borders and gather thousands of people around the world.

Article written off Liselotte Mas.