Jacques Toubon: “The emergency and its exceptional provisions must be temporary”

In its final report released on Monday, human rights defender Jacques Toubon condemns the “abuse of law” caused by the events of recent years. He also claims that the krona virus crisis has “aggravated” existing social and territorial inequalities. In this interview, the former Keeper of the Seals also warns of the current government proposal, which seeks to maintain health status measures longer than July 10, allowing for some freedoms. He also talks about police violence.

“The project, which the government wants to adopt would include the extension of Community law by a number of exceptional measures,” said the France 24 rights defender, Jacques Toubon, who is preparing to leave the independent authority after six years spent at the head. This is “contrary to one of the principles of a state of emergency such as the state of emergency: it is that it is only temporary, and that exceptions to the principle, and in particular freedoms – restrictions liberties -, have an end, and they are not permanently installed in the ordinary lag “.

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