Jihadist attack leaves at least 59 dead in the northeast

A village was raided to the ground and at least 59 people died on Tuesday in an attack by a Boko Haram dissident group in Borno State, in northeastern Nigeria.

ISIS warriors in West Africa (ISWAP) killed at least 59 people on Tuesday, June 9, in an attack on a pastoralist village in northeastern Nigeria.

The attackers attacked the village of Felo in the Gubio (Borno) district, killing at least 59 people, according to chief of anti-jihadist militia Babakura Kolo, whose death toll was confirmed by another militiaman and local chef.

“Fifteen nine bodies were found during the attack,” says Babakura Kolo. “Some were shot and others were run over” by jihadist vehicles.

Prosecutions against soldiers

The attack was avenged for the murder of jihadist fighters by the local self-defense militia that protected the village livestock from theft, according to a local chief.

The repeated beef theft had prompted residents to form a militia to secure their village, says another militiaman, Ibrahim Liman, who reported the same toll on 59 victims. The soldiers “chased the insurgents” into the bush and killed some of them in a firefight, said Ibrahim Liman.

Gubio, located 80 kilometers from the regional capital Maiduguri, has repeatedly been targeted by jihadists from ISWAP. In response, more than 100 military and traditional hunters were distributed by local authorities to protect the locality and its surroundings from attack.

ISWAP is a dissident faction of Boko Haram, which was divided in 2016. It has multiplied fatal attacks on the army over the past two years. But in recent months, attacks on civilians attributed to ISWAP have also increased. The jihadist uprising has left 36,000 people dead and more than two million displaced since 2009.

With AFP and Reuters