LOSC defends Lopez against criticism from Le Graët

The Northern Club regretted the “free and irrelevant” criticism directed at its president Gérard Lopez.

While Noël Le Graët compared Lille leader Gérard Lopez to a “financial acrobat”, LOSC broke a press release to defend its president.

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“The LOSC noted, without any surprise, public and personal statements, free and irrelevant, addressed by Mr. Noël Le Graët to its president Gérard Lopez, as to other football personalities,” the Little Club thundered through a press release issued on Wednesday evening.

The Lille leader is one of the supporters of a resumption of the 2019-2020 season in French football.

Through its press release, the Northern Club Losc believes that “sports merit and competitive spirit” should have motivated French football to “imagine a recovery” and mentions the “success” of the decisions made by the other continental leagues. .

As a reminder, in an interview with Figaro that the president of the French Football Association had criticized Gérard Lopez.