MLS returns to Disney World in July

The US Championship on Wednesday released a press release announcing that the recovery will take place on July 8.

Major League Soccer is coming back soon. The US championship had been canceled after the coronavirus pandemic after only two disputed days.

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A return that will take place in a rather special environment. In fact, the official press release specifies that the MLS Tournament, scheduled from July 8 to August 11 between the 26 teams of the championship, will take place at Disney World Orlando (Florida).

MLS, which is celebrating its 25th season, has declared that it will have “extended medical records” and that players and staff will be tested regularly for Covid-19.

The league canceled its season on March 12 due to the pandemic. “We look forward to bringing this exciting sport to millions of fans, while prioritizing the health and wellbeing of players, coaches and support staff as well as our role members,” said Josh D ‘Amaro, president of Disney Parks Experiences and Products in a press release.

The MLS clubs are scheduled to arrive in Florida on June 25 and begin the knockout stages on July 25. The quarterfinals are scheduled to end on August 1; while the semi-finals will end on August 6. The final match of the tournament takes place on August 11.