OL, Garcia: “We have to know when to play”

The Lyon coach asked to have a date as soon as possible for the League Cup final and the eighth in the Champions League.

Unlike most French clubs, the season for Olympique Lyonnais is not over. The Rhone club still has the final of the League Cup, against PSG, to play as well as a knockout round in the Champions League against Juventus. OL resumed training at the beginning of the week and is preparing for these very important deadlines. At a press conference, Rudi Garcia confirmed that after such a long period of stopping, we must be careful and prepare as best as possible while limiting the risks.

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“We are coming back with great enthusiasm and envy, we have found the time very long in the last three months. We are still in groups of 10 on training so it is not really football but at least we are together, we see each other, we talk If we can keep this enthusiasm for the future, it would be nice to know when to play … UEFA will be communicating on June 17 I think for C1, but I would like to know the day of the finals in League Cup. This is a request I make. Give us a date we can prepare. If we can play it with some of our supporters it would be good. And as the president said, we’re working on a tournament at Groupama Stadium. We anticipated this recovery. Three months, for the players’ bodies, this is an outstanding stop, except in the event of injury“, explained the Olympic coach.

“We will go there little by little, and since we still do not need to exceed groups of 10 for at least two weeks, we will gently take players back to level. We then have a week of training at Evian for the 4th week of We will leave a couple of days break in early July a priori, before resuming a final sprint three weeks before the competition resumes. The big problem is the friendly at the moment. It will be against French law, or even with the Netherlands or Scotland, the championships that have stalled, we need to be inventive and intelligent to get fit in the round of 16 return of C1 against Juventus with a deficit of 12 games in terms of pace. If we want to be European next season we have two competitions left: the League Cup Final and the Champions League “, added the French technician.

“You can’t just play with young people”

Rudi Garcia is happy to count on the returns from Memphis Depay and Jeff Reine-Adélaïde, long injured “Depay and Reine Adélaïde? We thought we wouldn’t see them again this season but in the end they will be ready, even though they have had a very long time without competition. (…) For the rest of the players we continue to physical tests, what we want is to resume gradually. For the moment, the stars are the doctors. I hope we can do normal training again soon. “

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“Lack of leaders in the locker room? We need leadership. We will get Memphis back, which is important from this point of view, but we have a very young group, let’s not forget. It is normal for players to move forward with the requirement After the state of mind is good it is important. Leadership is needed in a team, generally it is the most experienced who bring it“added the Lyon coach.

Finally, Rudi Garcia indicated to rely on the youngsters being trained at the club without wanting to put too much pressure on them: “Do I count on young people? Just look at what I’ve been doing since October and you’ll get your answer. Rayan and Maxence debuted with me and they didn’t play just 5 minutes. The academy works very well. The Olympics have to train players who can play Champions League, not just Ligue 1. After that we can’t play with young people either. For Melvin I think it’s too early, there is a lot of competition in his position, he has to acquire it. Amine is different, he already played with pro group before his injury. For Pierre (Kalulu) I hope he will decide to stay. I would not be as categorical as Juninho in his right-back position, but I already hope he will make the right choice. “